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Poll: Is consistency across airlines worth a smaller carry-on?

The International Air Transport Association, the trade group that represents most of the world’s large airlines, has recommended new carry-on guidelines be adopted. In theory, this would allow one size of bag to be acceptable across airlines, including in Europe. Sounds great, right? No more worry about whether your bag will pass muster when traveling…

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Airline regulations for carry-on luggage (and three more carry-on bags within those guidelines)

Yet another round of news stories has come out, reporting that airlines are continuing their enforcement of policies regarding carry-on size. It’s gotten so bad that according to a news station in West Palm Beach the airlines have hired contractors—not in airline uniforms—to monitor passengers’ luggage. They will have people place their rollaboards into the…

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Travel bag of the week: Siamod Monterosso Collection Serra Ladies Laptop Tote

Each week Road Warriorette features a travel bag that hits all of the high notes for ladies on the road: pockets, construction, and (of course!) style. This Siamod laptop tote checks all the boxes required for a classic: great shape, beautiful color, interesting yet subtle print. It also has everything you need as a business traveler: big compartments, zipper…

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