Black Friday travel gear deals

November 27, 2015 - Leave a Response

Happy Black Friday everyone!  I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving with friends and family.  Kindle paperwhiteBlack Friday is a great opportunity to pick up a few things for you or someone else, especially some of my favorite travel gear.  Of course, I’m exhausted from all the celebrating yesterday (and supporting my teams as the lost, boo) so I will be doing all of my shopping online. Here are my top picks for the best travel related sales this Black Friday.

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Happy Thanksgiving! Travel tips for holiday travelers

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Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope you are having a wonderful day filled with friends and family. My whole familyturkey is in town and will be gathering at my parents’ house in a few hours for food, fun, and football (Go Cowboys!).

During most of the year, there are enough frequent travelers to keep the airports moving smoothly. However, during the holidays the skies are filled with occasional travelers, some who travel only once a year or less. This post is for them! If you don’t fly often the procedures of airlines and airports can seem baffling and overwhelming. Here are a few tips to make it easier.

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Amazon Black Friday Deals Week: 20% off select luggage

November 24, 2015 - 2 Responses

While I love the idea of saving a bunch of money (who doesn’t??) I do NOT like the idea of waiting in long lines or Victorinoxgetting up earlier than I have to. So instead of braving the crowds before the sun comes up on Black Friday, I will be doing most of my deal-finding online. Amazon Black Friday Deals Week is a week-long sale extravaganza, and included in that is 20% off select luggage. There are a ton of great, high-quality suitcases and other bags included in that 20% off. Here are a few of my favorites.

Use the code DEALSWEEK at checkout to get the 20% off.

Victorinox Werks 5.0 WT 20 Dual Caster. (pictured) This is the updated version of the bag that I use for all of my longer trips. Victorinox has kept a lot of the same great features like the spacious interior, locking handle, an exterior pocket for your laptop, and amazing maneuverability. This version, though it’s hard to believe, is even lighter than my bag. Available in blue, black, and gray starting at $314. Read more of this article »

Posts from the past

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What was going on this time in years past?Post from Past pic


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Review: Touchjet Pond Projector

November 19, 2015 - Leave a Response

For a frequent business traveler the right tools can make or break a trip. I was recently contacted about a new device that could possibly be a gamechanger: the Touchjet Pond, a projector that is like a tiny Android computer, making any flat surface into a giant interactive touchscreen. I have to admit, I was intrigued. Here are my thoughts.

The good:

The Pond is super small. It fits in the palm of your hand, and the carrying case that holds the device, 2 styli, and remote mouse is about the size of a noise-canceling headphones case. It has a charger included, but can be used for a couple of hours without being plugged in (big plus!).


Set up out of the box is easy. Connecting to wifi, setting up your email, etc. is all pretty standard. The screen can be huge or relatively small. When it’s smaller, it’s incredibly crisp. You lose a little of that when you make it bigger, but not as much as I expected. Read more of this article »

Tips for managing a long business trip: Packing

November 17, 2015 - 3 Responses

The most common length of time for a business trip is three to four days. But what happens when you are gone for 10 piece wardrobelonger periods of time? Packing for longer trips requires a lot more planning and strategy, and it’s critical to be as efficient as possible.  Planning ahead, carefully measuring the flexibility and durability of every piece of clothing, using helpful items like packing cubes, and the rest of the tips below can make a long-term, potentially tricky travel situation much easier to manage. Here are my suggestions.

(Here are my suggestions about managing a long business trip that aren’t related to packing.)

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5 travel power devices under $15 that every business traveler needs

November 12, 2015 - Leave a Response

These days electronics are critical to business travelers. But the portable nature of most of them means that at some jackerypoint we will have to recharge batteries. How do you keep your devices powered up without filling your suitcase with chargers? Here are five travel power devices I keep with me on all trips. Read more of this article »

Travel etiquette tip: Don’t paint your nails on a plane

November 10, 2015 - 10 Responses

After a months-long hiatus due to pregnancy and maternity leave, I recently started traveling for work again. My first flight was not as smooth as I would have hoped, for a number of reasons (a story for a later time). Needless to say, as I finally made it to my seat I was feeling pretty flustered and anxious. That started to abate as the flight took off on time, I finally got to eat my breakfast, and I started working.

Then I noticed something smelled…off. Not bad yet, just off. I kept working, trying to ignore the building pressure behind my eyes. But soon the smell got stronger, and worse. Looking around I tried to find the source of the noxious order, noticing that the guy across the aisle was also trying to find out what was going on. A few rows up, I spotted the culprit: a woman painting her fingernails. Clearly she had no clue that she was disturbing people as she calmly painted both hands, finishing in about twenty minutes. By this time I had a raging migraine, with accompanying nausea. Not a great way to start my first business trip in months! Read more of this article »

TEDx Talk: Why we need national, paid maternity leave

November 6, 2015 - 14 Responses

When I was pregnant the first time I read up on maternity leave policies, both for my company and the nation in general. Unfortunately everything I read made me mad, so I had to stop. I am one of the lucky few women in the United States who gets some paid maternity leave but it was still a struggle for my family financially. I can’t imagine how hard it must be for those who don’t have any paid leave, or for those who have to return to work within days of giving birth.

A few months ago I was introduced to Jessica Shortall, author of Work. Pump. Repeat: The New Mom’s Survival Guide to Breastfeeding and Going Back to Work. She did a TEDx talk about the desperate need for national, paid maternity leave, answering all of the questions about why paid leave for all working women is so important. If you have a few minutes please listen to her well-researched and fascinating talk.

Now, I know it’s the internet, and this is the kind of thing that gets very polarized responses. Feel free to leave a comment, but please be respectful. Also, if you disagree with paid, national maternity leave please listen to the talk before commenting. She addresses a lot of the counter-arguments in there, and I am very interested to hear what people who think we don’t think we need it have to (respectfully) say after watching.

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5 travel bags that hook onto your suitcase handle

October 30, 2015 - 5 Responses

Where can a new business traveler find a travel bag that hooks onto their suitcase? Reader R asks…Hedgren Adela

I’ve taken two business trips in the last few months and have several more scheduled before the end of the year. For Christmas my husband wants to get me a new work bag since my current computer bag is worn out and not very professional. On my trip last week I saw several passengers with their computer bags strapped to their suitcases. Where can I find one of those? It is such a good idea!

Great question! There are plenty of great work bags out there that will hold a computer, but not too many that have that all-important trolley strap. Being able to stack your purse or briefcase on top of your carryon makes sprinting through airports and maneuvering narrow airplane aisles much, much easier. Here are a few different computer bags that fit the bill. Read more of this article »