Etiquette Tip: Be careful with hot coffee during boarding!

September 3, 2015 - 3 Responses

Lots of situations are tricky on planes. Deciding out where your personal space is, getting your bag in overstuffed to go coffeeoverhead bins, and figuring out how to handle an annoying seatmate are a few things that aren’t always easy to navigate while flying. Well, here is one more: what do you do with your hot coffee during boarding?

Imagine this situation: with one hand you are pulling your rollaboard with personal item stacked on top; in the other hand you are holding a sugar-free vanilla latte (or tasty hot beverage of your choice). When you get to your seat, you need to get your purse off of your suitcase and under the seat in front of you, then your suitcase in the overhead bin. Now you have a choice to make. Do you attempt all of this one handed? Or do you put your coffee down? Read more of this article »

Pregnancy and business travel

September 2, 2015 - Leave a Response

For many, travel is a frequent part of their job, and it’s not always easy. Add pregnancy to that, and maternity shirtthings get quite a bit more complicated! As you can imagine, being pregnant and traveling for work means a lot of adjustments travel-wise. Some women don’t have any issues traveling during pregnancy—lucky them! Unfortunately, I was not those women.

During my first pregnancy I felt terrible my first tri, nauseous and exhausted virtually all the time. The second trimester was pretty good (once the nausea wore off), but by the third tri I was pretty uncomfortable and moving really slowly. Double all of that for my twin pregnancy! There were a few things I learned that made business travel while pregnant easier, if not necessarily fun. Here are my tips: Read more of this article »

3 tips for dealing with loneliness during business travel

August 27, 2015 - 4 Responses

You’re feeling like a boss—managing meetings, customer requests, and traveling away from home. Then you get to wine flightyour hotel room and realize you’re alone, without your family, friends, pets, or any of your stuff. Sometimes it’s great to have some time away! Other times the loneliness can really take a toll. Here are my top three tips for dealing with loneliness during business travel. Read more of this article »

Elderly lady steals…boarding pass?

August 24, 2015 - 2 Responses

File this story under the “people at the airport are really strange” file.walker

A friend was traveling last week on Southwest. He was standing near the boarding stanchions, checking his email on his phone and generally minding his own business. His Business Select boarding pass was in his hand, with his low boarding number visible. People were starting to line up, but boarding was still a few minutes away. A scene very familiar to business travelers!

But what happened next… That’s a new one for me. An elderly lady walked up to my friend and snatched his boarding pass, stating, “I’ll take that.” She handed him her C boarding pass and said, “This is too high. I’ll use yours instead. You don’t mind.” And she just walked off. Read more of this article »

3 free apps to make driving business trips easier

August 19, 2015 - 2 Responses

Not all business trips are done in the air! Lately I have been spending more and more time on the road in my car (or Wazea rental). I love to drive so this isn’t a bad thing. But I still need a little help to make my driving business trips as efficient as possible. Here are three of my favorites.

Waze. I love Waze for a number of reasons. It’s a navigational app that gives accurate turn-by-turn directions, but of course there are plenty of great map apps. Waze is special because it basically crowdsources traffic conditions. Accidents will be shown on Waze up to half an hour before my Apple Maps will report them. Waze also gives directions to get your past traffic jams. It’s not perfect—it requires a ton of battery, so it’s best to use if you have a car charger. Read more of this article »

5 Products to make your business travel beauty routine humidity-proof

August 14, 2015 - One Response

It’s August, and summer has much of the country in its sweaty grip. This time of year the heat and humidity play Smashbox primer 2havoc with skin and hair, turning sleek blowouts and shine-free skin into distant memories. Don’t worry! It is possible to maintain your beauty routine when traveling to extra-humid climates; it just takes a bit of tweaking. Here are my top five products for making my business travel beauty routine beat the humidity. Read more of this article »

Yes, you should totally use the Admirals Club showers!

August 11, 2015 - 7 Responses

While visiting with a friend last week, she mentioned that she had her second trip to Asia coming up in a month. We Admirals shower 1commiserated about the lengthy travel times and uncomfortable coach segments. Then she said how sticky and gross she felt after wearing the same clothes for 24-30 hours. “Plus, the humidity just makes everything worse!” she lamented. I agreed, then said, “But the Admirals Club showers sure do make everything feel better!” She sighed. “I didn’t use the shower. It just seemed like so much work! And after that 14-hour flight I just didn’t have the energy to figure it out.” Read more of this article »

Winner! One year of National Emerald Club Executive Status

August 7, 2015 - Leave a Response

This post is sponsored by National Car Rental, but is written by Road Warriorette.  All opinions shared are her own.National 2

As business travelers, we don’t always have much control over our trips. We don’t necessarily get to choose where we go or even how long we’ll stay.  This may not sound like such a big deal, but when you spend three out of four weeks in tiny towns in the middle of nowhere, it gets old quickly! Every once in a while I’ll get sent to a more interesting location—New York, Washington DC, and Miami, to name a few of the highlights. But out of all of the places I’ve been to in the decade of traveling for work, my favorite places to go for business trips are definitely beaches. A few years ago I attended a great conference in Half Moon Bay, CA. Not only did we stay at an amazingly luxurious seaside resort, but on my off time I was lucky enough to enjoy both the dramatic scenery and nearby wineries. If I got to pick my own destination for a business trip that would definitely be the winner! Wouldn’t it be great if you could choose where you travel for a work trip, even just once in a while? That would make your travel plans a lot more interesting, that’s for sure!

Alas, we can’t have everything we want when we travel for work. But as a National Car Rental Emerald Club member, you get a glimpse of what it could be like to have complete control. Getting to choose any car on the Emerald Aisle (an exclusive section of the rental lot where Emerald Club members can choose any vehicle they like as long as they reserve a mid-size vehicle), choosing what type of rewards you get, special members-only offers, and simple one-click reservations make every Emerald Club member feel a little more in charge.

Last week we ran a contest where one Road Warriorette reader won a year of Emerald Club executive status. The lucky winner is….Reader Brett! Congratulations!! Thanks to everyone who participated in our giveaway, and thanks to National for sponsoring.

Readers, where would you travel for work if you could choose anywhere?
Read more of this article »

What’s the best way to pack a suit?

August 6, 2015 - 5 Responses

How can you travel with a suit and keep it looking as professional as possible? Reader L asks….suit

My son is applying for medical school and will be travelling to (many, we hope) interviews this fall.  He only has one good suit.  Between working and the cost of hotels will probably need to carry on his suit to make sure that it gets there when he does.  He can’t have his suit checked because it would be a disaster if it did not arrive on time. The last two times I’ve checked bags, they’ve been delayed.  Perhaps this is because we live in Seattle which means lots of connecting flights as opposed to direct flights. 

I don’t travel enough to answer the question so I thought I’d ask you. He needs to decide between putting his suit in a standard roll-aboard or a suit bag.  Do the flight attendants still hang up suit bags? He could buy a suit bag or use the fabric one that he got when he bought his suit.  If the flight attendants won’t hang up the bag, he could put it on top of the roll-aboards in the overhead bin. If he puts it in his roll-aboard it will be much more wrinkled. What he wants to avoid is being forced to check his bag.  Any advice?  Thanks and I appreciate your help.   Read more of this article »

Protecting yourself from airline shadiness

July 30, 2015 - Leave a Response

A few weeks ago I read that the Department of Justice is subpoenaing some of the major airlines (Southwest, Delta, packing cubesAmerican, and United) for manipulating capacity which in turn keeps ticket prices high.  Now the Department of Transportation is investigating five major airlines (Southwest, Delta, American, United, & JetBlue) about the possibility that they price gouged after the Amtrak crash in Philadelphia in May.  What the heck, major airlines!?!  I know this is just an investigation at this point, but it makes you wonder if any of these airlines can be trusted.  I’m afraid the answer is not really.

American, Delta, Southwest, and United own 80% of the domestic market.  That’s a whole lot of control for just a few companies.  What makes this so frustrating is how little control travelers, especially business travelers, have.  It’s not like we can just stop traveling.   In order to work have to fly, and these carriers know that.  So what’s a business traveler to do?  Look out for ourselves, that’s what!

Concessions.  If an airline is at fault for a delay other than weather, hold them accountable.  Ask for miles, vouchers, and upgrades, and if it doesn’t sound like a reasonable concession ask to speak to management.

Avoid fees.  You hear it from me a lot, but don’t check your bag unless it’s absolutely essential.  Put together a capsule wardrobe to save room.  Use packing cubes (pictured) to compress your clothes.  If you do have to check a bag consider flying Southwest who doesn’t charge for your first two checked bags, or look into a credit card that offers a benefit of a free checked bag.

Cash in your points.  Airlines would love for you to look at your points like a savings account.  Unfortunately you are asking for trouble if you look at them that way.  The longer you hold on to those points the more you risk them expiring or being devalued.  Put together a plan and start spending!

Shop fares.  My company has a corporate travel department that works out pricing for flights.  We get pretty good rates, but I like to test those rates time to time using the Google Flights website.  I often find that Google Flights has comparable rates to my company’s corporate rate.  I know a lot of people that have found great airline ticket prices using Google Flights, and I’ve been lucky enough to find some very low prices for personal travel. The only downside to Google Flights is that you can’t book Southwest through their site, as you have to book directly through (for Southwest deal notifications sign up for their Click ‘N Save).  Million Mile Secrets post has a great post on using the Google Flights site. If you aren’t a Google fan Airfarewatchdog is a good source for airfare deals as well.  Their site also has lots of very helpful information on airline fees and policies under the Airline Information tab.

Readers, do you think there are any trustworthy airlines? What are your tips for protecting yourself when dealing with airlines?

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