The top four business travel challenges

a close up of a bottleA couple of months ago I did a survey of my readers to see what their biggest business travel challenges are. I was a little surprised by what people wrote, but I shouldn’t have been. It’s the same stuff that I struggle with, even after all of this time!

Here are the top business travel challenges from Road Warriorette readers, in no particular order:

  1. Maintaining any type of healthy lifestyle. Late night dinners? Check. Long days full of meetings? Check. No personal time? Check. Business trips are just not conducive to healthy lifestyles, like, at all. You have to fight hard to maintain any type of exercise routine or healthy eating plan, and it’s really only possible with a lot of planning.
  2. Staying connected to your loved ones. When you’re away from your family and friends it’s easy to throw yourself into work and let those connections slip. Additionally, parents often feel an enormous amount of guilt leaving their kids for days or weeks at a time. (On the day I left for India my oldest son came down with strep. Argh!) Is it possible to prepare so much before a trip that you don’t feel guilty? (Narrator: Not really.)
  3. Safety concerns. I have had some crazy stuff happen on work trips, and I know that I’ve been luckier than most. I think about making sure my environment is as safe as possible on every domestic trip, and obsess about it for international trips. It probably doesn’t help that I’m married to a worrier. 
  4. Staying efficient, even in the middle of unpredictability. I’m always surprised by how many questions I get about efficiency. Readers write to me all the time asking about productivity tips, wanting to know how to get everything done at work *and* at home. Do they need to bring anything extra? What can they outsource? What can they let go?

Bonus: How to pack everything you need and still carry-on. Of course I can’t have a list about business travel challenges and leave out packing! It’s 100% possible to pack everything you need on a business trip without checking your suitcase, for almost any length of time. Like many things, it just takes some planning!

Readers, do you agree with this list of business travel challenges? What would you add?


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  1. I agree with all of them. That being said, during a two year stretch when I was traveling every week, I managed to lose over 50 pounds. I used Weight Watchers which helped me to make good food choices, even in restaurants and took advantage every evening of the gyms or pools in my hotel, even if it was only for 10 minutes. I also slept better because of the exercise. My MD was very impressed.

  2. With a kid at home and hectic schedule it is almost easier for me to workout when I am overseas for work. Now eating better? Depends on the country and their native cuisine 🙂

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