Oh Pashmina, How I Love Thee

I think the pashmina may be the most useful, versatile item you can pack when traveling.  It has so many uses! Blanket on cold planes, scarf to jazz up an outfit, sarong for over a swimsuit….I could go on.  They are available in a range of prices, materials, and colors.  If you forget yours, you can probably buy one for $10 at your airport.  So convenient!  I found the one below at www.thepashminastore.com and I feel cozier just looking at it.  Probably has something to do with security blankets during childhood.pashmina



  1. Totally great tip! I just got mine back from the dry cleaner, and was going to sadly “officially” put it away until winter, but I think it needs to stay within reach for my next plane flight…just in case!

  2. We’ve got the best pashmina (and it’s not available for $10). Check us out, and ask for a 10% Road Warriorette discount (promo code rw10).

  3. I have a sarong from singapore, one of my favorites…. it can double as a beach coverup, a fun skirt, and a flirty littl dress if i really want it to… sheet, beach blanket (sand doesn’t stick to it) pillow…. i love it!

  4. Just saw this. You are so right. I “had” to buy a Pashmina when we were in New Orleans over a COLD January weekend. (Who’da thunk it would be cold in NO, even in January?) I absolutely love it, for all the reasons you state. Woohoo Pashmina! (I have mine with me today, in fact: it was 46 degrees this a.m.)

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