Some quick statistics about women business travelers

  • In the 1970’s women were less than 1% of business travelers; now we make up almost 50%
  • Several hotels offer “Women Only” floors or packages specifically for women
  • Some hotels have yoga packages for women that include 24 hour yoga channels and mats (I want to stay at that place!!)
  • I recently passed a Brooks Brothers in an airport that had men’s AND WOMEN’S clothes for sale—first time!! 
  • We spend $175 billion on 14 million trips annually
  • 70% of all travel decisions are made by women

We are making progress sisters! The travel industry has continued to recognize that we make up a significant part of the market and are changing the way they do business to reflect that.


  1. I, too, just noticed an airport Brooks Brothers with female clothing. I think it was CVG. I don’t think CLT has any though.

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