Traveling is hard on your nails!!

a small bottle of nail polishOne of my New Year’s Resolutions was to take better care of my fingernails. So for the past several months I’ve been meticulous—shaping, clear polish, better vitamins, etc. So far, I have been rewarded with longer, stronger, very pretty nails. It probably didn’t hurt that I didn’t travel as much as normal in January and February. But as soon as I started hitting the road every week, nail after nail has broken. I don’t know if it’s the way I maneuver my suitcase, the constant opening of boxes for meetings and events, or what. But all my hard work is going down the drain.

I’ve researched online, and I can’t find advice other than the things I did to get better nails in the first place. Am I just destined to have super short nails? (By the way, when I say long nails, I’m talking about maybe 1/16-1/8 of an inch past my nail bed. So long by my standards, not long like talons.)

Readers, what have you done to keep your nails nice even with travel? Any tips for me?



  1. The shape of your nails makes a big difference – if they’re rounded on the edges they’re less likely to catch on your suitcase and things. Also, you just have to find the polish that works for you. They’re not all the same and they react different to your nails. Just keep trying strengtheners and hardeners

  2. I think it’s the dryness in the cabins plus the constant lifting of things into overhead bins that destroys my natural nails when travelling. Other than always having an emory board in my purse I am not aware of a magic cure for this one. (The vitamins help but you get the nails to a certain length & they’re just more prone to chipping….very frustrating!!)

  3. I use Solar Oil everyday, it doesn’t make tem stronger but it makes them look nicer.

  4. I recently discovered Shellac. It is a polish that is cured with UV light at the salon. There is no dry time and the polish lasts for 2-3 weeks. I find that it keeps my nails very strong while traveling. I don’t even have to keep a nail file with me anymore.

  5. Try Gel nails — my manicure has lasted nearly 4 weeks (which is 3 weeks longer than normal). It’s a longer process putting on and taking off but completely worth it!

  6. Keeping your hands moisturized is very important, I *love* the Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream.

    I did start getting regular manicures as well, it was my treat for maintaining a killer travel schedule. During the heaviest travel times I do go for the gel top coat. It takes longer to set, and costs about $5-10 more, but makes my manicure last that much longer, and my nails that much stronger.

    I’m sure someone else would mention the risk of using the UV lights for the final setting of the gel, but it’s a risk I’m willing to take. All other times have me liberally using SPF!

  7. Get a no-chip manicure. There are several different types to be sure to get the one that has easy removal (it is NOT the OPI one). If you are ever in Chicago, I can tell you where to go. 2-3 weeks at a time with no chips.

  8. Get a good nail strengthener like Orly and use this as a base to your color. I even put this under the nail tips. Cut all your nails to the same length this will help them survive all the luggage lifting. Clipping them back actually winds up making them stronger I’m not sure why. When I travel I always make sure I paint them a lighter color. The darker colors show chips more than the lighter colors.

  9. in addition to a good multivitamin include at least 1000iu of vitamin D. Moisturizing your hands and nails is also essential. I have had great luck using cotton gloves at night along with aquaphor. I do it to keep my hands soft; but my nails have never looked better.
    Good luck. 🙂

  10. No one has mentioned that how you use your hands/nails makes a world of difference. If you’ve not had longer nails, you’re probably not used to using the pads of your fingers as opposed to the ends. It’s a different approach.

  11. I have the same problem with my nails when traveling. I have started taking a hair, nails, and skin vitamin at least 3x per week and have noticed a marked improvement.

  12. Switch to gel polish. I just did two weeks, six flights, unboxed and moved hundreds of books (library work) and my polish had no chips. I like Gelish and Le Chat. Do three clear coats to build the strength for long term. It will grow out before you need to re-do it if you’re generous with the clear. Just be patient with removal, it’s tedious. I get two to three weeks per manicure when I’m meticulous with the application.

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