What to wear to the airport

I was recently asked what one should wear to the airport, as opposed to what one should not wear to the airport (see post below). So, in honor of my shirt made of metal, here is what I typically wear to the airport.black-br-pants

Comfortable, yet professional slacks, usually black. It’s best if they don’t wrinkle and have a bit of stretch. I like this pair from Travel Smith, and this pair from Banana Republic. Sometimes I will wear a skirt or dress, but because often once I arrive at work I have to move or open boxes, pants are usually the easiest.

Comfortable, non-wrinkle shirt. This is where I can bring color and interest to my outfit, so I try to get cute tops. They have to be long enough not to show skin when I am working with boxes (or putting my suitcase into the overhead bin!), and nice enough so that I look professional when doing a presentation. Sweaters, wrinkle-free button downs, silk-blend….you get the idea. Almost any sweater from Banana Republic works, and I love this top from Ann Taylor.

Comfortable, cute flats (are you sensing a theme?). Not only am I walking around airports all the time, but I am on my feet doing presentations a large part of my day. I always have to wear flats, and they must be comfortable.These Cole Haan Air Wedges are very pretty, plus they have Nike Air technology to make them even more comfortable.


Winter coat/jacket. I just got this one in red from Dillard’s and I love, love, love it!! I took it to Chicago this weekend and it kept me plenty warm, plus it is so cute! If it’s not winter I will bring a black suit jacket, because planes and offices can get cold.

Jewelry. I love earrings—they are a great way to add some fun to an outfit without appearing unprofessional. Also, I have been really digging the pearls I got from Manila. One of the necklaces is a long strand of pearls that I tie in a knot, which adds a bit of class to any ensemble. Just make sure any jewelry you wear won’t set off the x-ray machine!

I carry my purse (which doubles as a briefcase) and my suitcase, and I am all set!


  1. These are great tips!

    I always run into ex-boyfriends at airports, so I don’t wear jammies on planes anymore (used to!). I miss the comfort sweat pants and hoodies provide.

    Your ideas make you look great and not at the expense of comfort!

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