The Bundle Packing Method? Interesting…..

a suitcase with clothes and sandalsWhile searching for packing tips (you can never have too many, you know!) I came across a very interesting site called One Bag.  This site advocates traveling for any reason, to any destination, for any amount of time with only one bag. I think it’s a fascinating idea, although I don’t know that I could do it for any amount of time. But you all know that I hate to check bags and almost never do it. So I decided to check the website out and see if I could find any new information. There are a ton of creative, entertaining, and maybe slightly crazy ideas (see For the Travel Minimalist at the bottom of this page).

One idea that seemed like something worth trying is the Bundle Packing Method.  According to One Bag, this reduces wrinkles and makes your clothes more compact.  Basically, the idea is that you start with a central core, made up of a packing cube with underwear and socks in it, and wrap all of the rest of your clothes around it in a certain order. Lay the larger, more easily wrinkled items on a large flat surface (such as your bed), and then lay the rest of your clothes on top, alternating top-down and side-to-side (like a cross), with the easily wrinkled things on the bottom of the pile and the less easily wrinkled items on the top. Once all of your clothes are in this pile, put the central core on top. Start wrapping your clothes around the central core, finishing with the items on the bottom of the pile.  (For step by step directions, along with the recommended order of clothing, see the One Bag packing page.)

I have to admit, I am intrigued! I will be trying this for my sister’s wedding, which is on Saturday. There is no way that I will be able to fit all of my clothes into my normal carry-on suitcase (I know, I know, but I’ll be gone for a week and it’s my sister’s wedding) but maybe with this method I will only have to take one suitcase.  I will let everyone know how it goes!!


  1. I use this method from time to time, and it does utilize the space well and decrease wrinkles. However, you must completely unpack everything to access anything. This was a problem when I had several overnight stays along the way where completely redoing the packing was a pain. It’s also frustrating if you need a clean shirt right before a meeting because of a spill or something in route. Overall a good method, but anticipate your needs along the way.

  2. I use the bundle wrap within a packing cube to pack one half of my Tom Bihn Western Flyer. I’ve got a small packing cube – Eagle Creek Extra Large Stufit sac – filled with underwear and socks as the’core’. As Eva says, it’s not great if you have multiple overnight stops or if you need to get something out quickly. Sometimes I pack my bundle but wrap a single shirt and a pashmina around the outside of the bundle for easier access.

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