Finally-Pictures of the Sephora Vending Machine at DFW

You asked for it, you got it!!

On my way home from Pittsburgh on Friday night I was in C terminal in DFW, looking desperately for an open Starbucks (which I did not find–apparently everything closes at 10pm. lame) when I remembered that I promised to take a picture of the Sephora vending machine. I wasn’t sure it was nearby, but I could feel something mysteriously pulling me to the left, instead of to the right where my gate was. The feeling got stronger and stronger as I moved toward gate C-28, and then I saw it! There it was! The most beautiful, wonderful thing to ever come to DFW. I felt like there should have been a chorus of (well-made-up) angels behind me, singing the Hallelujah Chorus.

As I was walking away, the lady that was over there looked at me and said, “Isn’t it wonderful?” And it is, it truly is.

(This one’s for you, HAM.)


  1. *Sniff *tear* It is as wonderful as you have said! I can’t wait for the day that it graces me with its presence.

  2. I recently snagged a photo of the Sephora machine in IAH (Houston) Terminal E. I was so excited to see the machine that I forgot to even look inside to see what they were selling!

  3. Why do all airport shops close so early? ATL used to be horrible with this since it seemed like everything closed at 9 pm yet there are flights departing at 10 pm. I think many things are open until 10 pm now though. ATL has machines for Proactive, Best Buy, probably other things too.

    Vending machines fill the gap, but I think I was in DFW when I saw all kinds of water/tea machines, but not a single soda machine and I just wanted a diet cola.

    CLT does have a 24 hour starbucks outside security, but no vending machines in the secured area (besides stamps) and the vending machines near the A checkpoint were just ripped out.

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