Quick Security Tip: How To Handle Your Suitcase

a blue suitcase with wheelsThis really is a quick one, friends. When you are going through security, and getting all of your stuff out and into your bins, your suitcase may be the last thing you think about. Often people will just throw it up onto the table and push it through just like everything else.

I have a better suggestion though. Don’t put your suitcase up on the table that is placed before the X-ray machine at all if you don’t have to. Some people have to put it up there to get stuff out for the machine, but I recommend having that in your shoulder bag or an outside pocket so it is easier to get to. This way you are not taking up valuable room on the table that other people could be using to get their things in the bins, and everyone can get through security just a little bit faster.

When you get to the X-ray machine, don’t push your bins through. Instead, put your suitcase in first, handle first. This way when you get to the other side you can easily grab your suitcase and place it on the floor before it crushes your purse and shoes. Again, helping everyone get through security just a little bit faster.


  1. I agree that suitcases should stay off the table. I only have wheels on the backside of my roller so I always put it wheels up. Sometimes wheels down causes it to just roll on the rollers instead of actually moving down the belt.

    Always make sure all of your stuff enters the xray before going through the metal detector. You don’t want to hope someone on the other side pushes your stuff through. it may not make it or it may hold you up.

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