My Thoughts on Pittsburgh

My experience in Pittsburgh was heavily dominated by Snowmaggedon 2010. I managed to get on the last flight from Boston to Pittsburgh before everything was cancelled, which was good, but I had to cancel my car and rely on the Marriott shuttles to get me places. I was a little apprehensive about this, but the shuttle drivers were amazing and would drive hotel guests anywhere within 3 miles of the hotel. Luckily for me, my office was within that radius. They drove me to and from work and to dinner, but they drove other guests to the mall, to Target, to convenience stores…..anywhere the guests wanted to go in that three mile radius. Much safer than having a bunch of Texans who have never seen this much snow before driving all over the road and endangering people! So hats off to the shuttle drivers at the Marriott Pittsburgh Airport. You guys are the best!!  Also, the hotel staff in general was incredibly gracious and accommodating, considering that they were overrun with guests put out by the snowstorm and tempers were short.  I talked to one employee who had no power at home and was actually staying at the hotel, and who was still able to be helpful and kind.

Because I had this image in my head about Pittsburgh as a “steel town” , I was pleasantly surprised by the beauty there. Yes, some of it probably had to do with the snow, but the hills with trees everywhere were breathtaking, like a black and white photograph.

Now on to the food.  Because of the snow I ate at the hotel restaurant more than I normally would, which was totally fine. However one place I had to eat before  I left town was Primanti Brothers (click here for even more info).  For “Man vs. Food” fans (on the Travel Channel—great show, lots of local food), you are probably familiar with this place. They are a mainstay of Pittsburgh casual cuisine, with sandwiches piled high with salami, ham, cheese—and French fries and cole slaw.  I was told by several people that I needed to check this place out, and with the high recommendations from Adam on Man vs. Food and all of these coworkers, it was a no brainer. Plus—it was within the three mile radius. Yes!!!  I tried two different sandwiches, the Pittsburgher and the salami. They were enormous, piled high with meat, French fries, cole slaw, and an egg. I know it sounds crazy, but these were delicious. I could eat less than half of what I ordered before I got full, but I was sad to put the sandwich down. If you are in Pittsburgh go check it out!! Great prices too. (sorry about the blurry photo–it’s hard to take a picture one handed while eating eating.)

I can’t wait to go back when the snow is gone and you can see even more of the mountains. Good visit!

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