Spoon (the band) Was on my Flight Home Tonight

I love the band Spoon. Like, love them love them. They are my favorite band after The Beatles and Jack White (yes I know Jack White is a person not a band, but he is great regardless of whether he is playing in one of his three bands or by himself). I have most of their albums, know most of the words to a lot of their songs, and have seen them many times in concert.

Britt Daniel, the lead singer, was two seats away from me on my flight home tonight. I wanted to say something to him, like, “Hey Britt, how’s that pasta?” or “I love you so much you are the best your music rocks.” Either one. But I didn’t because a) I didn’t want to be that annoying stalker fan harassing you when you’re enjoying your pasta in first class; and b) I actually really wanted to be that annoying stalker fan, but didn’t have the guts. Sad I know.

Also, it turns out I did actually talk to one of the guys in the band, I just didn’t realize it until later. <<Smacking face to palm>>

So, Britt, just in case you see this. I was the girl in the red sweater across the aisle from you, and next to you in the train in DFW. I think your music is amazing, and “My Mathematical Mind” is on my top five songs list. Thank you for the music you make.

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