The Mountain Is Conquered!!

I got through it! I made it! The five weeks of brutal, every-business-day-plus-some-weekend-days travel is over! I now get to stay at home for at least three weeks, with just a couple of day trips thrown in.

I got through it, but I’ll tell you, it was dicey there at the end. Friday night I was waiting in DFW for my connecting flight home. Now, I was already frustrated because I had a three and a half hour layover in DFW. In that time I could practically drive home. But I made it work–enjoyed some dinner, did some work, read my book for a little while. I headed over to the gate about ten minutes before we were supposed to board. And found out my flight had been delayed for another two hours. I thought about throwing a screaming fit. Then I thought about renting a car. Then I thought about going to get a Snickers bar. What I ended up doing was posting my frustration on Facebook (thanks for your support friends!), calling my husband to let him know, and losing myself in a novel for two hours (the only way I could stay sane and avoid that screaming fit).

Then of course right as we are supposed to board, the gate agent says, “Ladies and Gentlemen, we are so sorry for the delay. The captain has found a possible mechanical problem. We will know in about thirty minutes if we will be able to take off.” O. M. G.

We did end up leaving that night, about three hours after our scheduled departure time. I was at that airport for about six hours, and when I finally arrived home it was 2:55 AM. Wow. The glamorous life of a traveling businesswoman!!

But, even though the last day was not awesome (maybe because the last day was not awesome?), I am so grateful to be done with that insane schedule. I am so happy to be at home this morning, with my dogs, in my living room, working and looking out my window at my garden. Tonight I get to meet up with some girlfriends, who I have missed dearly. And tomorrow I get to meet my mom for lunch. Life is good! And maybe it takes scaling some mountains to remember how great the simple things are…..


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