My Teeny-Tiny New York Hotel Room

This past weekend I was in NYC for TBEX. I waited until just a few weeks before to find a hotel, which meant that they one I got that was halfway affordable was in the Upper West Side, while the conference was in the Village. Commute time was about forty minutes, which I guess isn’t terrible. And I was close to my cousin’s apartment which was great. But man, that was the smallest room I’ve ever been in. I had to unpack my suitcase (which I NEVER do) because there was literally no place to lay it down and open it flat, besides the bed. It was functional, but I’m glad I didn’t spend very much time in there!

This is a picture I took standing at the door. Sorry for the ridiculously blurry photo. Can’t wait to get the iPhone 4 with the good camera!! Of course that won’t fix the photographer…..

a red purse and clothes on a bed


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