Great Shoes for Travel (that are also super cute)

After a fun-filled three day weekend, it’s a little sad to be back in the work week. I decided I needed something to cheer me up, and nothing makes me happier than……shoe shopping!! If you have been reading this blog for any period of time you know that I have a deep, abiding love for peep-toe flats, especially for travel. They are comfortable enough to walk around an airport in, but cute and summery enough to enjoy. I mean, if every time you look down at your feet you smile, your day will be better! So here are a few great pairs I found at DSW. Cute? Check. Comfy for travel? Check. Perfect!

a yellow flat with a ruffle on the bottom

I love these bright yellow shoes from Steve Madden. They will go with pants of any color, dresses, and skirts, and they add a bright pop that’s perfect to keep an outfit from feeling too serious.

a white flat shoe with a bow

This Blowfish shoe is just serious enough, with its double knot, but has just a hint of sparkle to keep it from edging into boring. It also comes in red patent leather, which I am very. excited. about.

a black and white shoeI know these shoes aren’t peep-toe, but I had to list them anyway. Again, you can wear them with anything. Black patent, white flower….Great for summer but will also take you into fall. They are adorable, and I love them, but they may not work for all workplaces.

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