Answering Readers’ Questions: “Can I bring makeup concealer on a plane?”

a close up of a face powderRecently I got a very specific question from a reader.

“I don’t fly often, and this summer I am going on vacation to New York. Obviously I need my makeup–can I bring my concealer with me on the plane, or do I need to pack it in my checked suitcase?”

I understand a girl wanting to have her makeup with her!! The answer is yes, you can bring your concealer with you on the plane. It just needs to go in your liquids bag for the security line. Once you are through, feel free to put it with the rest of your makeup if you want.

What exactly is considered a liquid? Concealer is one of those gray areas. It often comes in a pot, but if it melted it would be liquid. Therefore it is just safer  to go ahead and put it in your liquids bag and save yourself the trouble of being hassled by TSA.

Remember, anything that is clearly liquid (mascara, foundation) needs to go in your liquids bag for security. Even some things that you may not consider a liquid, such as lipstick, may need to go in your liquids bag if TSA tells you so. Anything that is powder is fine in your regular makeup bag.

Have a great time in New York!!


  1. Well since you’re answering reader’s questions, I’ll ask one. 🙂 I’ve never flown domestically in the USA before but will be doing 4 short flights next Feb. I will have a laptop with me…do I need to take it out of my bag and have it scanned separately?

  2. I use The Everything Pencil from Judith August. It’s small and is a great concealer. Just throw it in your purse.

  3. Can I take bobbi brown foundation stick full size with me in my purse for international travel?

  4. @Maryam if you are leaving from the US that shouldn’t be a problem. No one has ever asked me to put my makeup sticks in my liquids bag, regardless of whether it was foundation, lip, etc.

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