Quick Security Tip: Pack Neatly!!

a suitcase with clothes and accessoriesThe best way to get through security quickly is by planning ahead. One major part of this is packing neatly. For some, this is a no brainer. My sisters both have different packing styles (one is a minimalist, one packs everything in site) but their suitcases are incredibly tidy, and they can both lay hands on anything in there in seconds. For me (the messy sister) it has taken years of practice. It’s so easy just to throw everything in! It may not fit as well, but packing goes so much more quickly. Of course, once I arrive and I’m looking for my jewelry case or a specific top it is not quite as fast. And, although it doesn’t happen often, what if I get stopped in security? One time I had to be rerouted on a different airline, and that apparently put me on some type of security watch list for the trip. Every time I went through security all of my bags, and my person, were searched. I was even pulled out of line while waiting to board the plane and searched. I remember being so grateful that I had put everything in my suitcase in an orderly fashion, not just throwing my dirty clothes in randomly.

In addition to helping you know where each of your things is, packing neatly can help you during all stages of the security process: you know where your stuff is so you can easily and quickly pull out your laptop and liquids bag; if TSA needs to look in your bag it is faster and easier for them to search; and when you are done, if the things you took out have a designated place, you can return them efficiently.

So take that extra ten minutes while you’re packing and make sure everything is neatly in its place! I promise it is worth it, and even people like me (the messy sisters) can get it down to a routine so it’s quick and easy.



  1. I am “slightly” obsessed with iPad/iPhone apps, and recently I found one called uPackingList. I need packing list or I always end up forgetting something (I must have 5 bberry chargers at home!)

  2. Keep your cords together. I wrap my laptop cord properly. I also buy items with retractable cords when possible.

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