On Vacation This Week!!

a palm trees and blue waterThis past Saturday, Home Warrior and I left for Cozumel. We will be gone for a week, staying at the lovely Iberostar resort. I know that we will enjoy this trip, which is actually the first real vacation we have taken alone since our honeymoon four years ago. We have plans to snorkel, visit ruins, and sit on the beach drinking pina coladas. The day before we left, though, was not quite so relaxing. Here is the condensed version of my schedule from Friday:

8:30 Gratefully sip from first cup of coffee of the day while checking work email

8:32: Set down coffee cup to answer first of many concerned emails from partners about how they will fare in my absence

8:59 Pick up much cooler coffee (dangit) and call into first meeting of the day

9:01 Accidentally hang up on meeting, sheepishly dial back in

9:30 Run to kitchen to refresh coffee, call into next meeting

. . . . .

11:37 Start day’s blog post

11:50 Realize there is not enough time to finish day’s blog post

11:52 Leave for eyebrow waxing apointment

12:10 Begin allotment of time for catch-up phone call with sister

12:23 Sister actually calls, 13 minutes late, therefore losing 13 minutes of allotted 40 minutes of chat time

12:50 Hang up with sister, eat sandwich, let out dogs

12:57 Sit down to finish Friday’s blog post

1:29 Call into last meeting of the day

3:03 Wrap up work, besides checking email, for the day (don’t tell my boss!!)

3:03 Play with dogs who somehow already know we are leaving soon

3:10-4:17 Finish blog posts for week of vacation

4:18 Start laundry

4:20 Run final errands (goggles de-fogger? check. sunscreen? check. new shorts? check.)

6:04 Arrive for my 6:00 pedicure appointment

7:15…… well you get the picture

I hope you enjoy the blog posts created between 3:10 and 4:17 on Friday. A giant thank you to  my awesome step-sister for managing the blog while I’m out. And I hope everyone has a great week!!!

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