Incredibly Helpful Business Packing Video

During TBEX, one of the fantastic people I met was Sheila Scarborough from Perceptive Travel (among other places). Her vitality and passion for travel are contagious, and I had a great time visiting with her. One of the things she has put together is this fantastic video that shows her packing for a business trip.  If you have ever wondered, “How do you fit all of that stuff into a carry-on?,” this is the video for you. It’s a bit lengthy, but if you have struggled with packing it will help you to no end. Enjoy!!


  1. Thanks very much for posting this from the Perceptive Travel Blog; glad you found it helpful!

    It was one of those days when I was getting ready to unpack the suitcase and thought, “Wait a minute, if I video this maybe someone would be interested.”

    Great to meet you at TBEX!

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