Guest Post: Travel Shoes for Happy Feet

Today’s guest post is from Nicky Warner, a young professional who believes in working hard and looking good. She loves writing and blogging, and always has something to say about the latest workwear and fashion trends. Follow Nicky on Twitter @Dressed4Success.

Whether I’m on a business trip or heading to my favourite holiday destination, I love the fun and convenience of air travel; I doubt the novelty of flying will wear off for me anytime soon. I do however have one gripe, and that is the issue of choosing travel shoes.

Sore, stiff feet make the jet-setting experience decidedly less glamorous, and when it comes to travel shoes I often find myself tempted to lace up a sturdy pair of womens safety shoes or Terra footwear boots and leave it at that. Looking into advice on travel shoes however, I’ve picked up some useful tips that will help me make smart choices:

  • Flex that Foot. Travel shoes should be lightweight and flexible, allowing you to move your feet freely. This will help prevent cramps and swelling during the flight. I recommend a pair with adjustable straps. Stylish, athletic-style options like the Mephisto Allrounder are a great example of travel shoes that look chic while allowing for maximum comfort.
  • Keep your Cool. If you’re feeling hot and bothered in your travel shoes, cooling gel insoles can work wonders. Compression stockings from the local chemist will also aid circulation and reduce swelling.
  • Strictly Business. If you’re headed directly to a board meeting and simply have to wear formal shoes, choose something with a low heel and good arch support. Alternatively, wear your comfortable travel shoes and keep the formal pair close at hand in a stylish travel shoe bag.
  • Keep Moving. Do regular foot and ankle stretches, especially on longer flights. Take a walk up the aisle if you can, but if you have to remain in your seat, you’ll be thankful you chose good quality travel shoes.

Investing in a good pair of good-looking, versatile travel shoes means you can put your best foot forward the minute you land. Wishing you all happy travels – and happy feet!


  1. I believe in being comfortable no matter what! There are comfort shoe companies that are really making some good looking shoes. It wasn’t always that way but I feel like (finally) men and women alike can look AND feel good.

    My comfort brand of choice is probably either Birkenstock or Naot. They both have a soft cork footbed that molds to your feet. The more you wear them the more comfortable they get.

    I recently purchased some Naots off of and I love them! The website’s cool too. They donate to a charity for every pair you buy off of their site.

    Naot is probably a little more fashion-forward than Birkenstock but, both are extremely comfortable. You have to break them in first though.


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