Rollerboard or Rollaboard?

It was recently brought to my attention that I have been using “rollerboard” with regards to my carry-on suitcase, instead of “rollaboard”. Feeling pretty sure I had seen it both ways, I had to stop and think. Why do I use “rollerboard”? Am I using the incorrect word? I realized that when I write it out, in my head I hear the “r”, so “rollerboard” looks more correct to me than “rollaboard”. But “rollaboard” is the action–you “roll aboard” your suitcase. Huh.

So I turned to the best place to find answers in this age of information–the Google. I did indeed find instances of both words being used interchangeably, on Amazon and on eBags. I guess technically both are correct, since both are used by suitcase manufacturers. But I am curious about what you guys think.

So which is it? Rollerboard or rollaboard?

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  1. I generally find the folks on Flyertalk to be pretty adamant about using “rollaboard.” I defer to them as the experts.

  2. I’ve always used RollerBoard – it’s board with wheels to me.

    I don’t usually roll it on board, I usually push the handle down and carry it on as it’s always crowded when boarding, and “carryboard” just have the same je ne sais quoi as “rolleboard” 🙂

  3. Just had this exact thought today when seeing “rollaboard” spelled out on FT. Thanks for writing this up.

  4. “Rolaboard” is correct, “rollerboard” is a corruption based on the fact that it sounds like “rollaboard.” This is simmilar to people calling a piece of furniture a “chester drawers” instead of the correct “chest of drawers.” So many people make the mistake that you’ll see it, but it’s still incorrect.

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