Travel Tip: Pick Your Seat Online

a diagram of a seatFor those of us who travel all the time, picking your seat online is a must-do before any upcoming trip. But for those of you who haven’t traveled in a while, or who are looking at your first business trip, you may not know that you have this option.You are not at the mercy of online booking tools or phone agents any longer! At least, as far as your seat is concerned.

The process is similar on most airlines. Once you have made your reservation, go to the airline’s website and log in with your frequent flier number. Find the upcoming reservations section, select your flight, and choose your seat.  If you don’t have a frequent flier number, you can often select something like “View your reservation” and put in your confirmation code to find your flight.

For example, on the American Airlines site, log in at the bottom of the home page; select “Reservations” on the left hand side, and then “My Reservations” when the drop down menu appears. Find your upcoming flight, then click “Select” next to it. Then, when your flight comes up, under “Seats”, click “Select” again. Finally you get to select your seats. Click “Submit” at the top when you are done. And voila! You won’t be stuck in the middle seat back in row 31 for your next flight.


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