Quick Travel Tip: How to Remember Your Hotel Room

Hello readers! Sorry to have been a bit MIA for the past couple of weeks. I have been traveling almost nonstop, and have been from Florida to Virginia to North Texas. This week, I’m finally at home for a few days, and ready to get some blog posts done!

After my post a few weeks ago about completely forgetting my room number (This Has Never Happened to Me Before), I got some great tips from my readers to avoid this situation. Hopefully this will help you keep that very important number in mind next time you travel!

  • Keep the key in the jacket, but tear off the room number and put it in your wallet. (From Grace)
  • Using your phone, ake a picture of either the door with the room number or your key jacket. (From Ann and Elwing)
  • Dial your room number into your phone and hit send, then hang up. This stores your number in the “Recently Dialed” list.

Great tips! When I traveled last week I took a picture of my room number at both hotels just in case. I didn’t forget, but it was reassuring to know that if I did, I wouldn’t have to wander the halls trying random doors. Thank you for that!!


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