Dropped my purse in the security line last week….

Sigh. Last Monday started out like any other travel day. Got up, wrote a blog post, checked my email, packed, and left for the airport. As I was going through security, I noticed they didn’t have enough lanes open, which of course was creating a long line. As I got closer they opened another one. Yes!! I thought. I will fly through this as the first in the line. I already had my laptop and liquids bag out, so it was just a matter of maneuvering the bins into position while holding these things. I grab the bins and drop my stuff into them, and then turn around to get my purse, which is stacked on top of my suitcase. And I see my purse is on the floor. Sideways. With all of my little things, lipstick, earrings, keys, necklace, coins, etc, just falling out all over the floor. It was very strange because a) my purse made no noise as it fell. You would think that a large purse, with lots of jangly stuff, would have made some sort of crashing sound as it hit the ground, but no. And b) no one said anything! Yes there were like three men behind me, and maybe as men they just don’t realize you should let a woman know when her purse has fallen and her stuff is ALL OVER THE FLOOR. I was totally shocked when I saw it just laying there. My face turned really red (I could feel it) as I bent down and frantically tried to scoop all of my stuff up. I didn’t say a word, just got it all as fast as I could and dropped it into a bin. I still can’t believe that happened, but you can bet I will be much more careful about stacking my purse on top of my suitcase in the future.

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