Road Warriorette Gift Guide 2010

It is that time of year again! The frantic busy-ness of the holiday season can drive even the most organized soul into freaking their freak. I am definitely not the most organized soul, so I am halfway to the crazy house already. Hopefully, this gift guide will give you some ideas for your favorite Road Warriorette. Last year’s Gift Guide is full of suggestions, and here are a few more things I would love to find under the tree.

Travel jewelry holder

For the past few years I have simply used a small makeup bag for my jewelry. It’s compact, but everything gets tangled up. A travel jewelry case would solve all of those problems. There are great ones available from Delight, and I also love this recycled sari case from TravelSmith.

Noise canceling earbuds

While full size headphones are nice, the extra space they demand can be tough to find. Noise canceling earbuds give you the best of both worlds–easy to carry with great sound. These Klipsch earbuds received high marks from CNET.

American Airline upgrades

Allow your favorite traveler to fly the best way possible: first class! You can purchase American Airlines upgrades here, and other airlines offer them as well.


In addition to a laptop, business travelers need a good portfolio. Take notes, keep papers together, and look polished all at once. They’re also available in a range of prices. I like this one from Barnes and Noble.

Cashmere pashmina

I know a pashmina is on last year’s list, but this year I’ve decided I want a REALLY  nice one. And it doesn’t get nicer than cashmere. So soft, warm, and cozy. I have been drooling over these from Nordstrom, and really hope Santa puts one under the tree.

iPhone 4

The ultimate travel tool. Phone, music, email, GPS, camera, and whatever else you need all in one. I can’t wait to get mine!!

Amazon giftcards

Give the gift of choice! Everything under the sun is available at Amazon, but I usually buy books for my Kindle when I get their gitftcards.

Travel versions of her favorite toiletries

Sephora and have wide selections of travel toiletries available. Many of us won’t splurge on something nice for the road, so you do it for her! My favorites are Phyto and Philosophy.

Packing cubes

The gift of more space! It’s not a sexy gift, but packing cubes are incredibly helpful. I highly recommend the Eagle Creek ones, which you can get online or from REI.

Collapsible containers

Don’t eat badly on the road! Bring snacks with you and then simply collapse the snack holder so it travels back home easily. I like these by Progressive International, but Rubbermaid also makes some good containers.

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