Travel Gear: UNII Makeup Palette

a close-up of a makeup kitThe clever folks over at Delight have done it again. I swear, they find the most interesting, most fun things to sell. Their travel toys have made my Christmas list for several years, including the travel toiletry containers, travel jewelry case, and luggage tags.  But this makeup palette? I have got to try this. It could possibly revolutionize the way I travel with makeup. Okay, maybe I’m getting overexcited, but seriously, how freaking cool is this thing? The UNII Makeup Palette is basically a magnetized makeup holder. You take all of your makeup out of their current containers and keep it all here. This could save so much space, especially if you use a lot of bulky single eyeshadows. The video below gives you a good idea about how it works. I have ordered one and will have a review soon. Today it is 20% off, and you can get an additional 30% off with the code HAPPYNEWYEAR (case sensitive). That makes it $16.52 plus shipping, which is a steal. Can’t wait to get it!!



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