Poll: You get the upgrade, your boss doesn’t. What to do?

In a recent discussion with a friend, she posed the following question to me.

“I was traveling with my boss last month, and we both asked for upgrades. Luckily we both got them. But it made me wonder–what should I do if I get the upgrade and my boss doesn’t?”

My instinct would be to at least offer it to my boss. Traveling with your boss should have you on your best behavior already, and giving her your upgrade certainly seems like the polite thing to do. But is it necessary?

Readers, what do you think?

Do you keep the upgrade? Or give it to your boss?

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  1. You just give it up. Puts your boss in awkward position if you ask. When I travel with junior staff I give it to them or if RT take turn always erring on side of giving more than using. Others appreciate it nore than those of us who always get upgraded.

  2. You earned the upgrade not your boss, let them fly more for higher status because you certainly have. Send them a drink or pack of chips though 🙂

  3. There were a seven of us, in the military, flying out of ORF. As we individually checked in at the gate the GA moved the first six in our group to F. The last person, in this case the senior member, was literally stuck in the back of the plane.

  4. My situation is a little unique because as a Platinum member with AA, upgrades are not free (well, I don’t have to pay money, but I have to use the stickers). If I got an upgrade I wouldn’t just give away my seat because those stickers have value!

    Notwithstanding that, personally I think it should be the other way around. Higher-ups should be giving the upgrades to their minions! I know a partner who was on the same assignment as me for several months and he is executive platinum (so upgrades are totally free to him) and he on several occasions gave up his seat to someone lower. Once he offered it to me but I had already been upgraded anyway.

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