New Year’s Resolutions: The Travel Edition

Every year, I, like many others, spend some time doing some evaluation. Did I complete my goals for the last year? Did I get the major things done? How about resolutions? Did I do those? What do I want to accomplish this year? What are my five- and ten-year-goals? What did I not complete last year that needs to be carried over?

(Earlier this year I discovered Chris Guillabeau and his blog, The Art of Non-conformity. I love the way he writes, and the way he makes you think about what you are doing with your life. He has a great Annual Review process, if you need some assistance.)

When I am planning for the coming year, I break my resolutions into many sections, including work, home, blog, and of course, travel. My travel resolutions for 2010 were fairly specific. How did I do? Let’s look and see.

Travel to Chicago to see my sisters twice. Wow. I actually went to Chicago four times last year! It was great to see them as often as I did.

Travel to South Texas to see my grandmother twice. I actually went to South Texas to see my grandmother four times as well! That is lots o’ driving, but well worth it.

Go to Europe (hopefully Norway) with Home Warrior, and learn some Norwegian. When it came time to plan our vacation, we decided to go lay on a beach in Cozumel. Maybe we can go to Norway in 2011…..

Go to one new place in the US with Home Warrior. Although I managed to make it to a few new places due to work, the Home Warrior and I never got anywhere new this year. We had a great time on the trips we took to Vegas and Cozumel, but didn’t go anywhere new in the US.

Looks like I spent a lot of time with my family this year! Even though I didn’t make it to Europe or to somewhere new in the US, a year spent with family is a year well spent in my opinion.

What would I like to do in 2011? There are so many things! What do I think I can reasonably do? A slightly different story.

My Travel Resolutions for 2011:

  1. Take a trip with my paternal grandmother. Even if it’s just a short one, I would like to go to one place with her this year. She is getting up there  in years, and I know she would love to take a trip somewhere.
  2. Visit my maternal grandmother in South Texas twice. It was wonderful to be able to spend so much time with my Memaw last year, and I hope to continue that this year.
  3. Go to Chicago three times to see my sisters. Maybe I can even get the Home Warrior up there with me!
  4. Visit somewhere new. Whether it is in the US or somewhere else, I would really like to vacation somewhere I’ve never been before. New places for work do not count unless I can get a few days for fun afterward.

I guess it looks pretty similar to last year, with a few modifications. I hope to spend lots of time with family and friends, and get to explore somewhere new. I hope that your new year is also filled with love, adventure, and lots of fun.



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