What to Wear to the Airport: La Canadienne Felicia

a brown boot with a white backgroundRight now it feels like winter will. never. end. My poor sisters in Chicago have been dealing with temps in the single digits and below. The East Coast is buried in snow. Even in Texas we are having unusually cold and rainy weather. One thing that brightens my day, even when it’s this dreary, is looking at boots and bags online. (Don’t worry, the bags post is coming next week!!)

I already have black leather boots from Clarks that I love, but I have not been very successful finding brown boots. Success is mine!! These La Canadienne Felicia boots are suede, which I love because it’s different from the boots I already have. They are also very comfortable, waterproof, and walkable, with a rubber sole that gives you good traction on snowy surfaces. Dressy enough to wear to work, but tough enough to use commuting. Brown, black, and gray suede is available, and the price on Amazon starts at $132. I love them!


  1. Ooo, these ARE beautiful! I have been struggling with finding brown boots this year, too. It’s like all the designers decided that nobody needed brown boots anymore. What gives?!?

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