What Was Important in January 2010?

A year ago, I had just moved my blog over to Boarding Area, was getting ready for and recovering from my trip to Manila, and preparing for my younger sister’s wedding. It was a busy month! It was also my first month of trying to post every day, so choosing the most important posts from that month is a challenge.  Sorry for the long list, but hopefully you will appreciate some of my early advice….. and rambling.

When reading Long Flight Comfort, it’s not hard to see how anxious I was about the 26 hour flying time to Manila. I tried a lot of things to make the flights bearable, but not all of them were successful. Check out the winners and losers!

I seemed to go through a purse obsession. What am I saying? My life is a purse obsession! Explaining the contents of my purse and what it looks like was a lot of fun. And I am still hunting for my next purse…..

I also went to Chicago for my sister’s bachelorette party and had my most embarrassing travel experience. Sigh. I still cringe when I think about that.

After receiving a question from a reader, I tried broaching the subject of moms who travel for business. That was a hard one!

And finally, one of my favorite topics. I spend a lot of my time here on Road Warriorette coaching people about the best way to get through airport security. Anyone who doesn’t travel often should read this post! Heck, it could be helpful even for those of us who do travel often…..

Thanks for revisiting the past with me!


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