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In support of the current “Country Means Business” promotion, Road Warriorette will be featuring a weekly sponsored post on behalf of Country Inns & Suites and has been compensated by Country Inns & Suites for her contribution.

When I mentioned to friends that I would be writing some sponsored posts for Country Inns & Suites, the reactions were very similar. “I love that place!” “They’re so cozy!” “I’ve stayed there, it’s great!” Of course I had to go see for myself! The folks at Country Inn & Suites, San Marcos, TX were kind enough to let the Home Warrior and I stay the night last week so I could check it out.

During my stay, I kept my eye out for several specific things that appeal to road warriors.  Here are some of the particulars:

Nice entry. In contrast to an apparent hotel trend of large, open areas, the shared areas are divided into smaller spaces. The effect was quite homey! The lobby has a couch and a few chairs gathered around a fireplace, with books available for borrowing on the shelves. The breakfast area was a separate room. All of this gave the impression of visiting a house, instead of a hotel. In addition, the porch outside the hotel has rocking chairs, which is a nice touch.

Free internet. This particular franchise had free wifi, which was great. Home Warrior was able to use his iPhone on the network with no trouble, while I used my computer. It was easy to set up and the speed was good.

Comfortable rooms. We had a suite with a sitting room, bath, and a king bed in the bedroom. There were flat screen TVs in both rooms with free HBO (which was a nice treat since we don’t get that at home). The bathroom was serviceable, with the expected amenities. There was also a little bar area, with a coffee maker, mini fridge, and microwave. The bed was very comfortable, as was the furniture in the sitting room. There was plenty of room on the desk for my laptop and files.

The one thing lacking was an ottoman in the sitting area. I know it’s super picky, but I like to put my feet up when I’m working or reading. My husband solved this by bringing over the office chair to use as an ottoman. Works for me!

Good breakfast. Breakfast is not required, but if a hotel advertises breakfast as an amenity I want it to be hot and, more importantly, tasty. The breakfast at this Country Inn & Suites had an array of offerings, including cereal, oatmeal, yogurt, pastries, eggs, sausage, biscuits, and potatoes. I loved it! I really enjoyed my biscuit and sausage, and Home Warrior loved the cinnamon rolls. The coffee was hot and fresh, and they even had Splenda for coffee. I give two thumbs up for breakfast!

Knowledgeable desk staff. The front desk staff was efficient, knowledgeable, and friendly. Upon arrival they offered us a detailed map of local attractions and restaurant recommendations. When I realized I had run out of toothpaste (d’oh!) they had a replacement available.

Pool /fitness area. The indoor pool and accompanying hot tub were impressively large. Spacious and well lit, and the fitness room was a pleasant surprise. There were several types of cardio equipment, as well as free weights and a weight machine. The flat screen TV was large enough to be seen from all sides of the room.

Overall, I highly recommend Country Inn & Suites for business travelers. They have all the amenities road warriors need, with enough extra comforts to make them feel at home. Combined with their fair prices and excellent rewards program, this is a great option for your next work trip. Check it out for yourself-book your next trip at www.countryinns.com.



  1. The room was nice, but I work IT and the internet connection in Tucson/Ina was horrible. 10 mb ethernet which is pre 1999 technology and the wireless was 54 mb, but its shared, so for every user cut that in half and if there are 50+ rooms. If you just want to check your email or do internet search its ok. If you need a remote connection to client sites forget it. And if you are on vacation or traveling with children and want them to watch Netflix forget it.

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