Poll: Do you have a short suitcase?

a red suitcase with handleDuring a recent overnight trip, I realized that I may need a short suitcase. Until now I have always used my normal sized rollaboard suitcase, regardless of length of trip or how much I am taking. But for that particular trip, my suitcase wasn’t even half full! So while I was traveling I looked around to see what other people had. I saw several short suitcase, but it looked like people were using them as wheeled briefcases, not carrying their clothes.

So my question to you is, do you have a short suitcase? Do you use it as a briefcase or for clothing? Do you recommend that I get one? My main reason for not getting one is that I am running out of room for storing travel-related items, so it has to be worthy of the closet space and therefore super useful for me to bite the bullet.

Do you have a short suitcase?

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  1. I got one a few months ago – and LOVE it. I cram a lot into it, and then add a laptop bag on top. The best part is that it fits underneath the seat on every plane (even commuter jets) and so I don’t have to wait for a gate-checked bag. I can pack for at least 3 full days using this bag, if I don’t bring extra shoes. This is always my first choice when packing now.

    I have the 4.0 version of this, in red:


  2. I use my short suitcase as both a briefcase and for my clothes on short (1-2 day) trip. While I have an over the shoulder tote that fits my laptop, slipping it into the specialized laptop compartment in my short suitcase is great. Plus it is far more convenient than trying to put it in my fullsize rollerboard – the specialized compartment has snaps so the whole flap doesn’t open completely and expose my toiletries and dirty laundry. I did use it on a recent 4 day trip, but that may have been pushing it. Get one!

  3. I do not have one of those suitcases, but have contemplated it–and decided for the money, I don’t want one! They all seem super expensive. For my shorter trips I usually take a backpack or laptop bag with laptop and a few files, and my personal stuff, and then a small duffle bag. Recently got a cute (and cheap) one at Target with pockets and things.

  4. I have an Eagle Creek “short” suitcase. It was billed as a rolling briefcase, but I always intended it as an overnight bag, and it is fantastic. Fits and organizes all my overnight stuff plus a file or two. I also usually stick a small pocketbook in for use when I get where I’m going. I also carry a Tumi backpack for my laptop and other stuff I want to get to on the plane. The short suitcase is my favorite luggage item – well worth the space it takes up. Sometimes I even use it as a … rolling briefcase … on day trips.

  5. No, but I too have seen people (mostly men) use these. Personally I’m just not that efficient yet. I’ve been using an 18″ Samsonite for overnight trips for years, but recently won one of the new Tumi 19″ light hard-sided suitcases. It will get its first trip on an overnight today.

    As a computer rolling bag I would certainly consider the one you show.

  6. We have a computer bag, similar to your image, which has been used for simple overnight trips. Laptop and clothes all in one.

  7. Yes, I love my short suitcase for a few reason.
    1. Perfect for carry-on.
    2. Force me to pack what is necessary.
    3. It’s easier to move around in crowds.
    4. It’s fashionable. (Kenneth Cole)
    I use my short suitcase for 4 days of clothes, my netbook and magainze. It’s a great alternative to the standard carry-on suitcase.

    I purchased my short suitcase about two years ago and have not used the others since. Last week I was thinking about donating my larger suitcases to a charity organization.

    Great question and website. Thanks

  8. Short suitcase always useful for clothing as it has folders to keep clothing organized and wrinkle free,holds several shirts and trousers for business trip. These bags are especially designed by keeping in mind overnight trip. It easily fits your necessary things and easier to move around crowd. Eagle Creek is one of the leading manufacturer of such bags and I’ve very good experience with it. This bag comes along with straps which are long enough to be worn across the body.

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