My Favorite Business Sites

So many people liked hearing about my favorite travel sites and blogs, I wanted to continue the trend. These are four business-related websites that I check daily, whether traveling or at home. After reading their words for so long, I feel like I know these people! I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Corporette. If you’ve read my blog for any period of time, you know that Corporette is my favorite blog. I check it religiously every morning to see what fabulous clothing item Kat has found for us, and then throughout the day for her business-related posts. She discusses everything from how to effectively search for a job to how to interact with coworkers to software to make you more efficient. A great resource!

Wall Street Journal’s The Juggle. Trying to figure out how to balance career and home life? The Juggle talks about it all, examining the choices and tradeoffs people make juggling work and family. If you’ve ever felt like you’re the only person who can’t quite seem to get it all together, this site will make you feel less alone.

Daily Worth. Started by Amanda Steinberg and MP Dunleavey in 2009, their goal is to increase the net worth of women. The sad fact is, women still make 30% less than men. Daily Worth aims to simplify complicated financial concepts to make them more accessible, as well as give women a forum to discuss them. I only discovered this site recently, but I already feel better prepared to increase my net worth.

The Art of Non Conformity. This site is part travel, part lifestyle, and part business. But man, can Chris Guillebeau write. And more than that, he makes you feel inspired. He believes that you don’t have to follow the traditional path to happiness, and that your path may in fact be very different from everyone you know. And that’s okay! Every time I read his column I feel ready to go out and follow my dreams. What more can you ask for?

Readers, what are your favorite business/career/money sites?


  1. I love, but for some reason I can’t access it on either my work or home computers, for the past couple of days. I just get a message that the IE cannot display the webpage. Has it shut down?

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