Great Tips from Great Readers

As you know, a few weeks ago I held a contest for two two-night stays in a Country Inn & Suites. It was incredibly successful, and I love all of the amazing tips I got from my great readers. So, here are a few randomly selected tips from the contest. I hope they help you!


  • Keep car and house keys in your carry on or with you. My boyfriend left his car and house keys with his check in luggage and then his bag was delayed leaving him stranded at the airport for a couple of hours. –Jen
  • Be sure to clearly tag your luggage on the outside with your name, address, and phone number. (You might want to use a business address or PO Box instead of your home address.) Also put a piece of paper inside with the same information, in case the tag gets stripped off. –Arlene
  • If you forget your phone or iPod charger, ask at the hotel front desk for if they have extras. Most business hotels have a giant drawer filled with chargers that have been left behind, and most will let you borrow what you need. –Louise

Get rewarded!

  • Sign up for all of the hotel/miles rewards programs. For hotel “clubs” ask the front desk about special perks like priority for late check-out, extra points, to-go breakfasts, and snacks upon arrival. –Cat

Just in case…..

  • Scan the front and back of any credit/debit cards that you carry in your wallet, along with key pages from your passport and any other critically important documents and email them to your internet-accessible email account. I use cryptic names for both the documents and the subject fields of the emails as an added security measure. –Chris

Experiencing the city you are in

  • If you are feeling adventurous, I like to ask the concierge at the front desk at the hotels where the good places are to eat. You don’t have to eat at the chain restaurants and get a chance to experience the city. They will even print out directions for you. –Karla

Long flight safety

  • I am a travel agent. My suggestion on long haul flights is to get up and walk around at least hourly. We have a 46 year old client die recently due to a blood clot which traveled to his lung and killed him instantly. He had just returned from a trip to China-a 14 hour plus long flight. –Marianne

Finally, peace of mind.

  • Anytime you travel you are bound to encounter every kind of person, some having good days, some bad. On any trip things can go wrong and not work out as planned. Start with accepting this. Getting angry or anxious ultimately only hurts you. Roll with things. Let it all go. Enjoy the trip you’re on. –David

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