What to Wear to the Airport: NOT a t-shirt dress!

A comment from last week’s What to Wear to the Airport post got me thinking.

Mimi said:

I tend to get cold on long flights – especially now that blankets cost extra! Do you have any suggestions for what to wear if you are either 1) traveling in the wintertime? 2) over age 55 and might not look so great in leggings and a t-shirt (i.e. like they are trying too hard to look cute)?

a long sleeved grey cardigan and jeansSince I travel primarily for business, I only dress very casually on really long travel days (such as my upcoming trip to Manila–25 hours of travel!). On a normal length travel day, I will typically wear slacks with some stretch and some sort of knit top with cute flats. However, for those extra-long travel days, there are certainly lots of potential things to wear to the airport besides a dress and leggings.

The easiest part of a comfortable outfit is the top. Wear layers, in a knit, and bring a pashmina. I like to wear a t-shirt or cami that is really soft, topped by a cardigan, wrap, or long sleeved tee.  In the winter, of course, there are additional layers such as a sweater or jacket. I love drapey cardigans that will wrap around you–that extra cuddly layer can really keep in the warmth on a cold plane. (This one on sale at 6pm.com is a great example, and the price is nice!) I always take a pashmina, on every flight, no matter what. It has come in handy so many times as a pillow, blanket, napkin, etc. If you tend to get really cold look into a travel blanket that packs small but keeps you very warm, like this one from Eagle Creek.

The hardest part of a comfortable travel outfit is the bottom. No matter how comfortable, pants can chafe if you wear a black pants with a white backgroundthem for too long. Yoga pants, while casual, offer comfort, warmth, and pants that will move with you. If you are not feeling so casual, TravelSmith has some great travel pants, like their Voyager Knit Pants, that offer the comfort of yoga pants with a more traditional shape. Chico’s also has pants designed for comfort during travel, like the Travelers Fluid Pant. As a bonus, both of these pants pack well. Another option is a long skirt or dress, and if you get cold wear (you guessed it) leggings or tights underneath.

It is definitely possible to be comfortable and look good while traveling, regardless of age.  After all, it’s hard to enjoy your trip if you’re worrying about your clothes the whole time!

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