Sometimes It Pays to Shop Your Closet

I know I spend a lot of time talking about shopping, and it definitely can be fun and rewarding. But unfortunately, between replacing items from my stolen purse, vet visits for my sick dog, and my triathlon, my shopping budget has been whittled down to smaller than normal. I keep making lists of things that I want to buy (yay lists!) but twice last week I found a similar item already in my closet. Whoops! Glad I didn’t actually buy those things!

The first was brown flats. I kept thinking, I have got to get some brown flats I can wear with this brown striped dress that is great for summer. As I was searching my closet for a pair of shoes for a different outfit, I found, not only brown flats (that I posted about buying in December) but also a pair of cream leopard print Nine West flats that worked perfectly.

Then, as I was packing my bag for my triathlon, I kept thinking that I needed to go to Old Navy and get a pair of $3 flip flops that I didn’t mind losing. While looking in the laundry room for my favorite socks, I found a pair of flip flops that had gotten shoved under the folding table, which I hadn’t worn in a year. Obviously I didn’t care if I lost those, since they had been lost for a year.

(I just realized that both things I needed to buy that I already had were shoes. Wonder what that says about me. Anyway.)

Now that my two big early June events are over (the triathlon and the conference), my goal is to clean out my closet and ORGANIZE my shoes and clothes.  Normally I dread this sort of thing, but this time I am excited. Who knows what wonderful things I might find? Things I think I’ve lost, and have put on a shopping list to replace? Saving money and getting cute stuff sounds like a winning proposition to me!


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