My Favorite Travel Outfits

Lately, I have noticed that there is a pattern every time I look at someone at an airport and think, “Love her outfit!” Pretty much every time this has happened in the last three to four months, the woman is wearing some variation of the skirt-blouse-3/4 sleeve cardigan combo. Sometimes it is a dress and cardi, sometimes it’s a skirt-shell-cardi or a skirt-button down-cardi. Sometimes it’s a pencil skirt, sometimes an A-line. But I have decided since the basic shape of this outfit makes me so happy, I am going to start incorporating it into my own wardrobe. Cause if it makes me happy on others, I’m pretty sure it would make me happy on myself too. Here are a few of my favorite individual pieces and combinations I have found.

Since I’m still on a (required) bargain kick, I am super stoked to have found this dress at Target. It is inexpensive, won’t wrinkle, work appropriate, comfy, and super cute. I would pair it with a cardi in black, navy, or blue. Or purple. Or even yellow? Hmmm, the more I think about this the more versatile it sounds! (sorry I’m not able to make the picture work!)

This sateen skirt from Halogen (featured in another fabulous example picture) is well priced, versatile, and lovely.

Banana Republic has a ton of cardigans right now–embellished, plain, long sleeve, short sleeve…. This Ana cardi is a good basic cardigan, available in Apricot and White.

Readers, what is your favorite travel outfit “recipe”?


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