Shoes for Summer Rain

During my recent trip to Boston, I neglected to check the weather before I left. So I was wearing my current favorite shoes to wear with black, which happen to be made of cloth. In my black slacks, cami and cardigan, and black and white tweed flats, I looked great! Until I landed, and walked out into the rain. D’oh! Evidently it had been raining for a while, as there were puddles everywhere. My shoes were immediately soaked about halfway up, which was not very noticeable but was very uncomfortable. And since it was a short two-day trip, I hadn’t packed any other shoes. Not great!

The question is: what would I have packed, had I looked at the weather? Of course, you can always wear boots. But they can get hot, and look a little strange when it’s hot outside. Luckily, shoes exist that are great for rain in the summer. Here are a few characteristics to look for:

  • Material. Rubber and patent leather are materials that will stand up to rain. Cloth is not a good idea, obviously. Leather can work if you pre-treat it, but eventually the water will take its toll.
  • Sole. Non-slip soles with grip are a must. If you have shoes that you think would be good rain shoes but are slick, take them to a cobbler who can pretty easily add a rubber sole.
  • Coverage. The more the shoe covers your foot, the less rain will get in your shoe. This is not the time for your super cute peep toes.
  • Height. Normally I am a huge proponent of flats for travel, but when it’s raining a little height is a good thing. Look for a wedge or small heel to lift your foot out of puddles.

a black high heeled shoeThe Becca T-Strap Pump from Naturalizer would be a great rain shoe. It’s made out of patent leather, has a small heel, covers the foot, and is super, super cute.a pair of grey shoes

Another option is the AK Anne Klein Shevanie. Also patent leather, it has a variety of colors and a small wedge.

Finally, regardless of what shoe you wear, wear a skirt or remember to roll up your pants. The bottom of my slacks were soaked! Sigh. I guess it’s been so long since it’s rained here that I just don’t remember what to do!

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