Quick Packing Tip: Put Your Meds In Your Carryon

Yesterday while flying home from Nashville I sat next to a very interesting man, who works in baggage at an airline. He said that when multiple flights are delayed due to weather or something else, it’s really surprising how many people start asking for their medications. And when multiple flights are delayed for hours, it can get really chaotic in the baggage storing area.

Now, as you may know, I almost never check my bags. I will check them on long vacations, like last week’s to Puerto Rico, because we bring wine with us. But it never occurred to me that people would put medication they may desperately need in a bag that could get misplaced, much less that they wouldn’t have quick and easy access to. TSA has guidelines on carrying on medical supplies, for medications in general and for more specific issues, like diabetes. It sounds like if you have anything liquid or injection related, let the TSO know so they can screen it.

So please, don’t put medications that you may need in a checked bag. It can be incredibly difficult, if not impossible, to find your bag in an emergency. Plan ahead and carry them with you!


  1. This is very important advice! I remember a flight to London where we sat on the tarmac for over two hours because someone had put their medication in their checked bag. I’m glad they realized it before we took off. At least I was in first class so I had wine to drink during the wait!

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