1. Your reader has a great idea… I’ve been traveling with my own version for some time, too & it was fun to compare (will post mine in the near future).

  2. I would add some sweetener as I like my coffee/tea sweet! Plus my adapter so I can use Qantas’ old 2 prong headphone slots with my normal earphones.

  3. This is great! I have a long flight coming up in Sept., and I will definitely put one of these together with my own little spin. If I remember, I’ll take some pics. Thanks!

  4. M’s a pal and I love this kit of hers. I’d add a multi-purpose moisturizer — double duty for face and feet. It gets so dry…

  5. That’s awesome! I love all the thought Reader M put into this care package. It brings a lot of convenience and comfort at a time when any traveler needs it the most!

    It’s similar to what we strive to provide in our Welcome Packages that we have waiting for our clients in their corporate housing/temporary apartments when they stay with us. Little things that can help recreate the comfort and convenience of being at home! 🙂

  6. I have my own version too. I include a clothespin. You’d be surprised at how it comes in handy.

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