TravelStix from TravelSmith: Yay or nay?

On a recent perusal through the TravelSmith website, one of their products caught my eye. It’s called TravelStix, and it is basically a credit-card shaped USB flash drive designed to hold all of your travel documents. I think it’s a very clever idea! Keep one in your wallet, and you’ve got everything you need–itinerary, emergency contacts, medical info….. However, the $30 price tag seems steep. You can get the same size flash drive (4gb) from Staples for half the price, and download forms for all of your travel info from a variety of places, including Microsoft Office. Or make up your own. You could even keep this information on your phone or in the cloud. I think the fact that it is designed to fit inside a credit card slot in your wallet is pretty cool, but other than that it seems expensive.

Readers, what do you think? Is the TravelStix worth it?


  1. hmm… if it’s just a USB flash drive, you still need something to read it on, meaning you’d have to pull out your laptop and go through all that hassle. not really convenient when you’re in the airport system. i think having it on your phone or easily accessible via cloud makes more sense.

  2. I use Msecure ( which is a program to back up all of your important numbers. It comes as a IOS, Android, Mac and Win program. Then for instance you can sync your iPhone and Mac and keep all of your data – securely encrypted on your phone AND in your computer.

  3. I have one of those. They are pretty neat, thin enough to put in your wallet. When we got our BMW they sent us one in the mail… but I guess that’s actually more expensive than the $30 price tag!

  4. Road Warriorette – I agree with you that the price is too high when you can just devote a cheap thumb drive to the same purpose and keep it on your key chain. Cool idea, but I definitely think it should cost less.

    Terri – you’re spot-on with using apps to make it easiest. Are there any travel organization apps out there that you’d recommend?

  5. @ProfessionGal – i’m not cool enough to have a smartphone. i use a sticky-note system with all my flight info and keep the airline 800# handy. i’ve heard good things about TripIt to consolidate all your info in one place and they’ll push notices of delays and changes to your device of choice.

  6. Thanks for that, Terri! I’ll look into TripIt. And, honestly, I feel like my “smartphone” complicates things many a time. 😉 Thanks again for the tip!

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