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Poll: Do you love business travel?

A traveling friend recently confessed to me that she hates her twice monthly business trips. “I’m tired of being away from my husband!” she said. “Plus it’s so exhausting. And what about when I want to start a family? How will I do that and be gone all the time?” Honestly, it kind of surprised…

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Contest! Share your “stickiest” travel situation and win a Kindle!! (closed)

Whether you are scared, annoyed, anxious or nervous, your armpits let you know when you feel stressed.  And yet they have been largely overlooked–until now. Mitchum is encouraging you to “Love Thy Pits” with the new Advanced Control™ stick/solid antiperspirant and deodorant, providing 48 hours of protection for men and women. In the “Love Thy…

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A few of my favorite things

Between various personal commitments, family issues, work frustrations, and lingering sadness about losing my beloved black lab earlier this summer, I’m having a hard day. In an effort to cheer myself up, I made a list of things that make me happy. Theoretically, I will look at this list and be reminded that things will…

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