I even dream about packing

Last night I had a very strange dream. I was getting ready to go to a conference that I am actually attending in April. I hadn’t packed yet, and the people I was riding with (like 12 people I work with) were at my house, waiting in my driveway. Starting down the stairs, I thought to myself, It’s just a week. I can wear what I have on! Then of course I realized that was not the case, I hadn’t packed, and 12 people were waiting for me. I then ran back upstairs, but couldn’t find any of my work appropriate clothes. I woke up as I was frantically pawing through my closet, muttering to myself, “Surely all of my work shirts aren’t in the dirty clothes!” Once I woke up, I was so grateful this dream was not real. We all know that I will be planning my packing list for this conference for a month.

When I shared this dream with my aunt, she said it was the equivalent to a student having a dream about a test they hadn’t studied for, or showing up naked to work. I have never had one of those dreams, but it sounds right to me.

Readers, have you ever had a crazy travel-related dream? Or am I the only special one in that regard?

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