Poll: Do you unpack?

clothes in a suitcaseMy last overnight trip was to California, and it was three nights. I remember thinking, as I very carefully hung up my clothes, how weird it was that I was very carefully hanging up my clothes. It is very rare for me to unpack–normally I just leave all of my clothes in my suitcase, and only pull out my toiletry bags. But for some reason, that trip I was meticulous in putting my clothes on the hangars, in the closet, with my two pairs of shoes lined up beneath.

Was it because I had some new clothes? Because I was there three nights? Because I was going to meetings at headquarters, where I wanted to make a good impression? All three, I think. But it got me thinking–do most people put their clothes up at a hotel? Or just leave them in their suitcase? I never put things in drawers, as I’m worried I would forget something if I can’t easily see it. But I wanted to know what other travelers do, so here’s the poll:

Do you unpack at hotels?

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  1. depends on what type of trip it is. when i have client-facing meetings where i need my clothes to be wrinkle free, i pull them out and hang them. if i’m just going into the office (casual dress), i’ll leave knit shirts folded in my suitcase.

  2. To clarify: I always hang up my clothes to make sure they don’t get wrinkly. I don’t hang up or put away workout clothes, casual clothes (jeans, shorts, etc.) or undergarments.

  3. I always unpack everything. Work clothes get hung up, workout stuff, Tshirts, jeans and the like get put in drawers.

    If I am only somewhere one night, and get in very late, and am leaving early the next morning, it’s possible I might only unpack the things that need to be hung up. But I never fail to unpack those. Wrinkles aren’t attractive. 😉

  4. Like tika55, I unpack the work-clothes & iron them if necessary, but the socks / jeans / casual shirts I leave packed. When packing, I actually make a separate stack in my suitcase of the stuff to be pulled out and hung vs. stuff that stays inside. The stuff that stays inside gets packed first, and the bundle of hang-ables goes in last.

  5. I hang up nice things that shouldn’t wrinkle… everything else stays in the suitcase so I don’t lose track of it!

  6. I only hang up stuff that needs ironing or would benefit from not being stuffed in my bag up until I put it on. Generally, that’s my work clothes for the next day, but if I’m there multiple days and have casual clothes, those are kept in the suitcase.

  7. Same as some of the other commenters: I hang everything that would be hung at home in my closet. Toiletries go in the bathroom. Everything else stays in the suitcase or tote bag/briefcase.

  8. Yes – I usually do unpack completely.

    As I don’t usually finish work until nearly midnight, I unpack my PJs so I don’t have to find them when tired or had a couple of glasses of wine! I put my toiletries in the bathroom and hang up my work clothes ready for the evening. If we’re leaving early the next morning, I’ll lay out my clothes for the next day.

    Unless our tour is a long one, there’s not usually much left in my suitcase after all that!

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