Top Five Travel Necessities: Things I Wear

I thought about calling this post “Top Five Travel Necessities: Clothes”, but I realized that half of the items on my list are not, in fact clothes. Hence the title “Things I Wear.” It’s hard to even remember the last time I traveled without all of these items, even on vacation. In fact, the next time I’m having a hard time deciding what to pack, I think I’ll take a look at this list!

Pearl necklace. My long strand of pearls is my favorite necklace—it goes with everything I wear. Seriously. It takes the simplest outfit and gives it a touch of class, making me look more put together than I really deserve.  On my last trip to Manila I purchased a long strand of citrines, and it is rapidly becoming my second favorite necklace.

Cute flats. I am on my feet doing presentations all day, plus running around in airports. Heels don’t cut it, so I have many pairs of cute flats. In the summer, I switch over to peep-toe to keep a little cooler. For the occasional pair that doesn’t have enough support, I throw in some gel soles and I can wear them for days. Loving the ones pictured here: Not Too Coy Franny in Mustard, available at Amazon for $75.

Jersey dresses. Dresses are the easiest way to get ready in the morning—put one on, and you’re done! Jersey dresses are my favorite, as they don’t wrinkle and are incredibly comfortable. The ones I reach for over and over are a simple black knee length, A-line dress from Target (which I got five years ago and has held up incredibly well) and the Everyday Jersey Dress, a recent purchase from Boden.

Cardigans. I have cardigans in many colors, with short sleeves, ¾ sleeves, and long sleeves. A simple cardigan can complete an outfit, provide an additional layer for warmth, and give you a little extra coverage. For a business casual wardrobe, this is a key component. Plus they travel incredibly well and most don’t wrinkle. And they are available virtually everywhere, from Target to Nordstrom, in a range of prices.

Bike shorts. It seems an odd thing to put on a list of necessities for business travel, but I wear them under my dress or skirt every time I travel. This way I go through security without worrying about the pat-down. Bike shorts also make it easier to put stuff in the overhead bin or bend over to get to my suitcase without worrying I’ll accidentally flash someone.

Readers, what are your top five things to wear on a trip? Clothes or otherwise?



  1. My wife wears a pearl necklace every day and has done so since I bought it for our 2nd anniversary 33 years ago. After a decade or so it began to take on a soft patina that has added even more luster over time. You can look forward to loving it even more as the years pass.

    Bike shorts are a great idea. That gets passed along to our daughters. (As do many of your posts).

  2. Ha ha, your packing list is very similar to mine. I almost always have on pearls as well, and in fact even gave birth to my daughter with them on. Hospital gown + pearls = photo ready. 🙂 Also, I second the thought about Boden dresses. They are perfect for travel!

  3. I never wore skirts much because my thighs chafe too much, but recently I purchased a pair of bike short type underwear from Lane Bryant and it has made a big difference. Now I wear dresses when I go out at home and I’ve bought some business skirts but I don’t have the right shoes for them yet so that is next.

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