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I just discovered this show, and I have to say, it’s awesome. In Covert Affairs, Piper Perabo stars as Annie Walker, a CIA newbie who must balance her complicated personal life with a professional life that’s anything but boring. With episodes filmed on location in some of Europe’s most beautiful and interesting cities, the scenery is almost as exciting as Annie’s fabulous outfits. The chemistry between characters is great, and the storyline just keeps getting better. Check out new episodes on USA Network tonight and every Tuesday at 10/9c.

USA Network has given me a fabulous prize for one lucky reader: a Covert Affairs Jetset Pack! It’s worth over $200 and includes:

  • Custom Travel Bag
  • Red Leather Passport Holder
  • Red Leather Luggage Tag
  • World Travel Clock
  • Season 1 Covert Affairs DVD
  • T-Shirt

To enter, write a comment answering the following: What is your most exciting travel story? We will draw a winner at random on Monday November 28. Open to US residents only (sorry international readers!!).

If you haven’t been keeping up with Annie Walker’s adventures every Tuesday, here is a series recap:

Amazing, right? Check it out! It’s a great show.


Legal Stuff: The prize was provided by USA Network, but USA Network is not a sponsor, administrator, or involved in any other way with this giveaway. Contest open to US residents only.


  1. My most exciting travel story is when I went to Italy this summer and went to an authentic toga party in Rome, the city where toga parties first started!

  2. My most exciting story was being with my mom when her purse was stolen at the Bilbao train station. First we viewed security footage watching the thief smoothly steal the purse by swooping it up under a newspaper. Then, the next two days were filled with police reports, “dumpster diving” in the area looking for the purse, and strategizing how to get a replacement passport and travel documents to return home, given that there was no US embassy in Bilbao.

    The purse was ultimately found – sans cash and travelers’ chacks – but with travel docs intact, along with an heirloom rosary.

    My purse-carrying habits were forever changed by the incident.

    Sorry, this was bad-exciting and you were likely looking for good-exciting! But your CIA reference triggered the thought.

  3. Traveling from home in AZ to NY for a few brain surgeries. Not your typical story? True. But it gave me a new leash on life, and I am still here, able to tuck my son and daughter into bed at night, give them a hug, and tell them I love them. What more can a young mom want? My blog shows my “journey” through life as a brain patient…and my current longing to take my family to Germany in the spring, where my dad is from and where my parents currently live, but I have never been.

  4. In Papua New Guinea there was an outbreak of tribal warfare / election related violence at the airstrip we were supposed to fly to. So we flew to another airstrip and were waiting for a helicopter to our lodge, when the police commandeered our helicopter to go after the guy who stole the police car.

  5. I proposed to my fiance on the steps to Notre Dame… just this past Saturday. And she said YES!

  6. I recently took a trip to Bangkok and Pattaya. We went to a foam party at the Hard Rock, met some fun and crazy Russians, and whipped in and out of traffic on tiny motorbikes.

  7. My most exciting travel story was when my girlfriend and I went scuba diving in Hawaii even though we are both scared of Sharks and get extremely motion sickness. We dove in to the water and fed the fishes. Even swam next to big turtles!!

  8. My most exciting travel story was a trip to NYC with girlfriends! Everyone should visit the Big Apple once in their lifetime!

  9. As a Dallas Cowboys fan for over 35 years now I was thrilled several months ago to sit in the row behind Emmitt Smith. My dad was thrilled when I gave him Emmitt’s autograph.

  10. Staying on Southbeach for the KSU vs Miami football game in September seeing it covered with KSU fans!

  11. Really, it was my first time traveling alone and being on my own in Boston for 5 weeks for a summer program when I was in high school. Not as exciting as some but it was what started my love of new places and experiencing everything a place has to offer.

  12. Right after I graduated from college, I got in my car and drove – my only rules were that I wasn’t taking a highway and I wouldn’t eat at any restaurant I recoginized. Ended up in Bourbon County, KY. Had a glorious unplanned time!

  13. I went to work for a client in Bogota. One of the executives took me out for a night on the town in an armored car. We didn’t stop for red lights at all between party stops. A fun and unusual night.

  14. Our most exciting moment was when on our first trip to Europe our travel agent sent us to Dublin the week of St Patrick’s Day without any hotel reservations. We arrived at the ferry port on the last ferry of the day with our rental car booked at the in town office which closed just as we arrived at the port across town. We had no place to stay and no transportation. The last cab driver took pity on us and had his dispatcher find us a place to stay. Just after arriving at our B&B my husband was mugged and knifed and we lost almost all our cash. We were celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary. BTW we love Covert Affairs!!!

  15. The only time I traveled out of US was to Toronto to see the play The Phantom of the Oprea for a high school trip. It was AMAZING!! I sat underneath the chandelier.

  16. When I was 10 I went with my class into Manhattan to see a Broadway show. On the way back to the buses once it was over I saw one of the actors and decided to go over and ask him for his autograph, unknowingly throwing all the teachers into a frenzy because when they did a headcount of students, I was missing. Whoops.

  17. STUDYING ABROAD was the best thing… cheap flights, overnight trains, hostels that WEREN’T gross, and making friends throughout the whole experience. That travel experience on a shoestring was one I won’t forget… but now that I travel for business, it’s a whole new adventure.

  18. When we won a trip to Washington DC and got to take our kids and spend the night at the Museum of Natural History.

  19. Running the Maccu Piccu marathon in Peru towards the Sun Gate at sundown. Took the whole 12 hours while local sherpas do it in a “for fun” competition among themselves in 3+. Amazing nature, history and testatement to a human spirit

  20. Going to japan with 2 pals and doing a pub crawl in osaka around 8pm until 7 am when the trains started running again. Then going back to the hostel to do laundry 😛

  21. I’ve had lots of great experiences traveling internationally but 1 of my favorites was being in Paris when France won the World Cup…everyone literally filled the streets in celebration and I was picked up, literally, by a charming French man and carried along in celebration.

  22. My most exciting travel story is travlling with my family to Sedona — in Delta — & see those nature beauty.

  23. Emergency landing in Kansas on a largely forgotten alternate space shuttle landing runway. Local National Guard and Red Cross volunteers came out and supplied sandwiches, chips and drinks in the Armory until the plane could get clearance to take off again.

  24. My most exciting story is traveling to London and Paris with 20 college students. After the same student burnt out her hair straightener, broke the pull-handle on her 50 lb suitcase, left her purse with brand new camera, passport and all money on the Chunnel, left her cell phone at security in O’Hare, and had the door of the plane shut in front of her because it was over-sold, I now make my students take Travel Boot Camp before we get on the plane.

  25. I love Covert Affairs!

    My friend and I got on a train in Germany thinking we were on our way to Mannheim. It seemed unsettlingly quiet on the train so I decided to walk around. Turns out there was no one on the train and it ended up in the maintenance yard! I don’t know who was more freaked out. Us or the train conductor!

  26. My most exciting travel story is driving down to Baja California to go surfing at a spot called Punta San Jacinto (aka Shipwrecks) with some friends. We camped on the beach, purchased fresh fish from the local fisherman for dinner and spent a few great days surfing.

  27. going on a week-long road trip in Europe, all packed in 1 single med. backpack, including camping out in the airport lobby, sleeping on the train, and train station.

  28. My most exciting travel story was in 2008 when I was touring as sound tech for a band. We went from Indiana to California and back, 10 shows in 18 days, with 9 people (and equipment) in 2 cars. It was squished and we got to know each other REALLY well, but it was one of the highlights of my life. It also taught me that I really like to travel and see things, and the stranger the traveling circumstances the better the adventure!

  29. I love Covert affaires and Auggie and Annie and the scenes. My most exciting travel story was traveling to Sydney with 4 other friends and finding out I had inadvertently booked a fabulous hotel that suited us perfectly- a 2 bedroom suite on the water, which earned me the travel goddess nickname. Now I love planning trips.

  30. I honestly have no idea how to narrow down the exciting stories. The time our bus hit a bushbuck in the middle of the African bush and none of the bus drivers or conductors had lights to work by or to keep other trucks and cars from hitting us, that was pretty exciting. My headlamp saved the night!

  31. Loving this blog! I just discovered the joys and juicy knowledge of RW a few days ago. Since, I’ve made it about halfway through the first years’ blogs – I have a lot of catching up to do! Thank you so much for this! It is exactly what this relatively new road warrior-ette has been hunting for – all wrapped up with pretty bows and bells, to boot!

    Some years ago, I traveled to the Peruvian Amazon to spend 2 weeks with an indigenous tribe and curandera (medicine woman). We flew on a 777 from US to Lima. Then a smaller “commercial” jet to Iquitos (which is only accessible by air or river), with 2 stops. By that I mean the “terminals” were windowless tin buildings and the runways were made of dirt (hence muddy puddles after rains) and kid-you-not South American version of airplane boneyard – really old, really junked jets with overgrown jungle nearly consuming them! Don’t even ask about “security” at these pit stops! Once we finally arrived in Iquitos (after a nailbiting landing), we boarded a river boat and rode 40 miles up the Amazon & Nanay rivers to the “lodge.” Two weeks with the healers and I was entirely refreshed, relaxed and renewed – stress-free! That is until we had to make the trip again in reverse! Yowsa!

  32. “exciting” may be the wrong word, but probably the trip to Ireland when I didn’t look for my passport until just before leaving (I thought I knew where it was!) and doing that frenzy thing for about 30 minutes before looking in a forgotten purse and finding its hiding place. But wait…once at the airport, my sister in law’s purse being left at the restaurant where they were waiting for us and then taken to the airport security office where they told her they could not release it because the duty officer wasn’t there and her sweet talking her way back to her purse and her passport. Not one but two scares. We did not think we were going to get to Ireland, but we did (and loved it!).

    Either that or the flight to Isla Holbox from Cancun in a teeny tiny airplane. That was terrifying!

  33. The fun trip to San Juan. The huge storm after we arrived, and the nice weather there after. The food, the view, the Bio Bay…

  34. My most exciting travel story is when I was backpacking through Europe during my Study abroad semester.

    When walking through Florence, Italy after having had a drink (or two, or three or I lost count) with a friend from back in the states who was living there, on my way back to my hostel, I was offered to buy drugs from a teenager in a somewhat secluded square. After declining multiple times, the guy started to kick softly at my shoe, which is apparently a way to distract someone when you are trying to pick-pocket them. When he stuck his hand in my back pocket, which happened to have nothing in it, I grabbed it, bent it back and through him to the ground. His group of friends then came towards me, and I moved away from them, asking myself why I had done something so stupid. Luckily for me, there were two police officers on the next street and when the group saw them went in the opposite direction. I got back to my hostel safely but was scared there for a bit.

  35. My most exciting travel story was going on my honeymoon with my wife. We traveled to Hawaii and did some hiking and even got lost in Maui. We eventually found our way back to the correct trail but it was scary for her.

  36. my most exciting travel story was going to Europe 3 years ago. I did the European delivery for Volvo I bought and visited Volvo factory to see how volvos are assembled…It was really fun. We also drove the car for about 10 days to visit Sweden, Danmark, Germany, Netherland and Belgium. It was a great time!

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