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Meds I keep on hand

Recently, I’ve been getting a lot of questions about what medicines people should keep on hand during travel. There are certainly some specific items that I have all the time, and those are due to issues that I deal with. My most common complaints are headaches and stomach aches, or not being able to sleep.…

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I’ve been feeling in a very “shoe” mood this week, enough so that I think I’m going to go shoe shopping here in a bit. Hooray holiday sales! I’m torn, honestly. In a couple of weeks I’m going up to Chicago for my sister’s baby shower, so I think possibly I should look for snow…

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Just got A-List on Southwest!

After my trip last week to Nashville, I was awarded A-list status from Southwest. What does this mean? I get to go through a special security line at some airports, 25% bonus on points earned, priority standby, a dedicated check-in and phone line, and most importantly….. priority boarding! So basically it’s just like being Gold…

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How to Sleep on a Plane

We’ve all tried to do it. And we all know it will never be as good as eight straight at home. But sleeping on airplanes is a necessary thing for anyone who travels frequently, especially internationally. But how do you get the best quality sleep while sitting upright with no personal space? Here are some…

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