What’s in your electronics bag?

a black computer cable with wiresI’ll admit it, I travel with a lot of little bags. Liquids bag, non-liquids toiletry bag, makeup bag, tea and Splenda bag, etc. They’re just so convenient for keeping things organized!! One that I don’t talk about often but that can really come in handy is my electronics bag. There are a few things in there that I keep with me all the time—in fact, this bag never comes out of my suitcase. Here’s what I keep in there:

  • Ethernet cable. I have a retractable Ethernet cable (kind of like this one) that I keep in my bag. It’s very small, but can expand up to 10 or so feet. Really comes in handy when you’re in a hotel with crappy (or no) wireless and no cable to use. I almost never use it, but on the few occasions I do I am super grateful it’s there.
  • Chargers. Of course. I have my computer, phone, and Kindle charger in there so I never forget them. Mine is similar to this Belkin version, but a little smaller.
  • Webcam. I used to have a webcam in there, but my new laptop has one built in so I don’t need it anymore. If your computer doesn’t have one, no worries, as webcams are teeny tiny now. It’s a great way to keep in touch with family at home when you’re on the road.

Readers, did I miss anything? What do you keep in your electronics bag?

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  1. powerpoint clicker
    otherwise it’s the poor intern who has to listen to me say “next”!

  2. Extra USB/synch cable. Extra earbuds with mic. Because you just can’t be without on the road.

  3. All common USB cables, a monaural headset for meetings on the move, audio splitter, jack-to-airplane audio converter, universal power adapter and 3-way splitter, all required chargers (computer, phone, tablet and universal 2-port USB) 🙂

  4. DLink wireless router for when the hotel room does not have wifi. It has Bernhardt to create my own hotspot in my room.

  5. Different strokes, I guess. Most of my heavy travel/hotel days were before the dozen or so mentioned gadgets. While I have many of them, a travel event is an opportunity to escape the devices and the electrons that feed them. Currently, a ‘good’ experience is a 10-day road trip of <10% Interstate, no Internet and coffee in as many little burgs' 'greasy spoon' eateries as I can find. No fondeling TSA fools, modest prices, tipping from the heart (as opposed to having it Added to my bill) and inn-keepers that sincerely appreciate my business. As a (clean) solo traveler, the odd invitation to a homemade evening meal is not uncommon. It is a lot more fun than bitching about late flights, snooty gate agents, FA's whose favorite line is "Sit down and shut up," upgrades not clearing and the infamous Nudi-scope. I've got nearly a million miles in my FF accounts, but no desire to use them. (I do use a few, but only because it is difficult to drive to Europe!) I hope that 2012 is a bit calmer for you.

  6. Powerboard for recharging all powered devices conveniently. It also means when traveling overseas you only need 1 power point adapter.
    Battery charger for devices that use rechargeable batteries. I prefer a camera that takes common rechargeables as you can always buy normal batteries if in the middle of nowhere with flat ones.
    Apple airport express to create wifi hotspot in hotels which only have Ethernet connection.
    Noise canceling headphones + adapter for planes which still have 2 prong earphone jack.

  7. For domestic work travel, I travel light as I don’t really need electronics to do my job, just a phone with access to emails. I have noise cancelling headphones, iPhone charger, iPhone sync cable and a USB stick with all my files.

    For overseas study travel where I need to take notes, I add my laptop, 2-plug power strip and appropriate adapter.

  8. Keeping a set of everything permanently packed is the way to go. I’ve had to rush to an Apple store in several cities to buy the charger for my laptop because I forgot to pack it. A few excursions like this and soon a duplicate set of wires came into being.

  9. I keep all my electronics in my backpack – which doubles as my carryon when I travel. If I’m traveling overseas, I have the appropriate adapter for my laptop. All of my chargers are USB, so I don’t worry about having multiple plug adapters. But *always* in my backpack are an iPhone and kindle charger, a retractable ethernet cable. Headphones for my iPhone (in case I travel where I need handsfree), and two USB sticks with nothing important on them (sneakernet is still in use!).

  10. Travel electronics:
    1. Phone
    2. Kindle
    3. Netbook
    4. DVD player (a must when traveling with small children)
    5. Chargers/AC adapters for all the above.

    My phone and Kindle use the same micro USB cable for charging, so I can plug in my netbook and charge my phone at the same time.

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