Crazy travel photo: Birds!!

Over New Years, we went to Dallas. The DFW Metro area is big, so between dinners, shopping, and family, we did a ton of driving around. At one point, we were at a stoplight, and realized that there were thousands of birds all around us. It was crazy!

birds on a power line

Readers, have you seen freaky nature-related things while traveling?


  1. Welcome to DFW! Yep they are everywhere. The worst part is getting caught driving under swarm of these birds!

  2. I saw those birds last week! I’m working on a project in Dallas and saw thousands of those nutters when I was in Irving.

  3. Was that up in Plano? The next time you come to Dallas, if you have some time let me know, I’ll take y’all out to coffee or lunch:-)

    As for freaky nature related things while traveling, I once saw what must have been a couple of million bats fly out from under a bridge!

  4. I live about 30 miles North of Tokyo, and every summer there is the enormous flock of birds which all seem to nest in this one tree close to my apartment. Needless to say they create quite a racket.

    This is a video I made of them coming into land in the tree. At a certain point their noise overwhelms the mic on my video recorder.

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