Southwest Bonus Points Promotion

Southwest is running a promo right now where you can get an extra 4,000 Rapids Rewards points on roundtrip Business Select flights. Depending on how much your ticket costs, you could get almost enough for a free flight from one trip! You can earn 2,000 bonus points for one way Business Select flights.

I know not all of us have the ability to choose Business Select fares when choosing our flights (myself included), but if you get the opportunity to fly Biz Select, this is a great promotion. Often you will have the opportunity to upgrade your ticket when you check in, and if it’s not a huge amount it may be worth it to pay out of pocket. For example, two weeks ago I flew to San Jose. Because I bought my ticket at the very last minute (literally about three hours before my flight left thanks to the tornadoes in DFW), it was an “Anytime Fare.” I ended up upgrading to Biz Select for $22. Now, unfortunately this was before this promotion started (dangit!), but I think it would have been well worth the $22 for the extra 2000 points I would have gotten. I just did it for the better placement in the boarding line.

Don’t forget, you have to register for this promo. It seems to be another promotion that everyone should sign up for, even if they don’t know for sure they’ll be able to use it. Because it won’t hurt, and you may get a ton of extra points! Promo runs from now until May 29.

Hooray promotions! Readers, have you heard of any other great opportunities for extra points lately?

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